Ten of the Worlds Craziest and Most Unusual Toasters Money Can Buy

When it comes to kitchen gadgets I think you don’t really appreciate most of them until they stop working and you have to get a new one. Today it was the turn of my toaster! It started to smoke from inside and then just stop working, presumably forever. So I am on the hunt for a new one, but me being me I am on the lookout for something a little more unusual…


Ten of the Worlds Craziest and Most Unusual Toasters Money Can Buy
Nightmare on Elm Street Toaster

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I used to love these films and to a lesser extent the series. Burning a classic “Freddie” image onto the toast it is slick, black and not a bad gift idea for those of us old enough to remember the golden ages of movie horrors. But I have to say I watched one of these films the other weekend and it looked rubbish by today’s standards!

Toast Printer

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One of the biggest problems with toasters is that 2 slices (which most of them will accommodate) are never enough, but doing 3 is just a waste of a bread slot, but 4 slices is too much! So here comes the toast printer! Just line em up and “print off” as much toast as you need!

VW Camper Van Toaster

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Perfect for people who liked my post “Top 10 VW Camper Gift Ideas“, this toaster is sure to bring a smile to most people faces. With the way people love and care for their real camper vans, I am sure this toaster would get very well looked after and crumb free.

Vintage Radio Toaster

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People who listen to a radio in the morning are now in the minority, but those golden ages of radio can now be relived again thanks to this unique toaster is sadly a one-off, but there are plenty of retro radio toasters to be found.

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Toaster Teapot

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Nothing goes better with toast than a tasty cup of tea, but why should you have to do the two separate when you could just make the two things at once! I am not sure it won’t keep bread crumbs out of your morning brew, but it looks amazing!

Glass Toaster

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There are several glass panel toasters out there on the market, but none with the fresh, clean and modern look of this one from Noun. While it does cost rather a lot for a modern clean kitchen this would be the perfect toaster.

VHS Toaster

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While a lot of people reading this will have no idea what it is, those of us with a few more years behind us know it instantly as a VHS player! But this video cassette player is, in fact, a toaster. Best of all is that there are instructions on how to make your very own one as well. Worth a go I think, even if it is just for some retro morning fun food.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Toaster

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Sure to get you smiling and indeed thinking about you favourite episodes is this rather cheap and cheerful looking “Bazinga” print toaster. While not the best piece of merchandise ever made it sure made me smile.

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PaRappa the Rapper toaster

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Long ago in the days of the PS1, I would play PaRappa the Rapper until my hands hurt! Now sadly mostly forgotten as a videogame he does live on in the form of this ultra-rare toaster! I have seen these sell on eBay for well over $1000 each!

Nintendo SNES Toaster

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It just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as SNES does, but let’s get the bad news out first about this amazing toaster. It is nothing more than an April Fools prank worthy of being featured in my post “Top 10 Fake April Fools Products” but the good news is that there is a firm trying to bring these to market! So keep an eye and indeed ear out because this could well be the toaster for me.

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