Ten of the Very Best (and Most Unusual) Drinking Straws Money Can Buy

My family seems to got through a lot of straws. We are often using them for drinks or even making craft things. But plain plastic straws are boring (unless you make something more fun with them like those in my post “Top 10 Things to Make With Drinking Straws“), so today I am on the look out for some drinking straws that stand out from the crowd…


Top 10 Creative and Unusual Drinking Straws
24k gold-plated straw

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When you order a “Menage a Trois”  at the Tryst Nightclub in Wynn Resort you get a drink that itself consists of Cristal Rose champagne, Hennessey Ellipse, Grand Marnier 150, liquid gold syrup and 23k gold flakes. But more importantly for this blog post you get to sip it out of a complimentary 24k gold-plated straw with its own diamond! So, in theory, each straw costs $3,000!

Slinky Drinks Worm Straws

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Let’s face it, the best bit about a normal drinking straw is the bendy bit near the top, so why not make a whole straw with the same, bendable style and finish it off with a worm theme! Kind of disgusting, but also kind of cool.

Elephant Trunk Sipper Straw

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Why not pretend to be a super thirst elephant with these trunk styled ones. Perfect not only for drinking from, but also creating party games and general elephant fun.

Yum roll cup

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Why have a straw in your cup, when you could be using a cup made from a drinking straw! Sure they might be a pain to clean, but because the whole is in the bottom you will get every last bit of the drink.

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Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System

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Not only are these unusual but they are also rather amazing. These Emergency water filter system straws are ideal for hiking and travelling. With a compact body that slips easily into a daypack the Particle blend system removes more than 99.9% of germs from up to 20 gallons of water; improving its taste and eliminating and odours it might have. Good clean water from the dirtiest water you could think of.

Moustache Drinking Straws

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I have no idea what style of party you could use these with, but no matter what occasion you use them with, they are sure to get a few smiles and laughs. Maybe you could use these all through Movember.

Glow in the dark drinking straws

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Perfect for nightclubs, discos or even a dance party with the lights down low. These glow in the dark drinking straws are perfect for all those occasions and then some.

Heart Shaped Drinking Straws

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Handy for valentines day, or maybe sharing a milkshake with a loved one. These heart shaped drinking straws look lovely, and represent it as well!

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Stainless steel drinking straws

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Reduce your plastic footprint on the planet with these durable, reusable, set of four polished stainless steel drinking straws that come with a handy cleaning brush as well.

Kikkerland Bamboo Style Paper Straws

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With a natural, bamboo style these straws would be good with some sort of Caribbean style drinks, like coconut or lime. Or even if you are having a jungle themed party. Plus there is something traditional in style about these amazing if very unusual drinking straws.

Author: Gus Barge

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