Standing at the crossroads of history that dates thousands of years back, the modern-day Turkey is known to be characterised with so many historical and spectacular sites that will leave anybody in an awe. From ruins to pillars, mosques, museums and tombs as well as historical temples, any enthusiastic historian, travellers or any tourists will certainly find this location both very interesting and quite captivating. As a matter of fact, Turkey is full of brown colour signs, almost everywhere, and which will be directing you to any ancient and historical sites in the country. Therefore, some of the most profound and outstanding historical locations comprise of places such as…


Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Hagia Sophia

10 – Hagia Sophia

Perhaps the most renowned historical tourist attraction in Turkey. Hagia Sophia is evidently one of the most preserved ancient buildings in the world. It was built-in the 6th century AD by Byzantine Emperor Justinian, late converted to a mosque and currently operates as a museum. It is indeed a remarkable architecture characterized with a beautiful mix of Muslim adornment and Byzantine. This site is indeed one of the most spectacular sights in Turkey.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey


9 – Ephesus

Located near the modern Selcuk, Ephesus contains some of the best and most preserved Roman and Greek ruins that comes out as some of the most trodden trails by tourist. While at Ephesus, one will be able to capture spectacular historical sites such as the Library of Celsus, which is the ancient theatre as well as the temple of Hadrian

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Cappadocia Underground Cities

8 – Cappadocia Underground Cities

This is indeed quite an intriguing and fascinating tourist destination in Turkey. Characterized with numerous caves, complexes and rooms that were built over a span of thousands of years. The area therefore include complexes that are very spectacular and which comprises of spots and underground cities such as Kaymakli to Derinkuyu as well as the Ozkonak, Mazi and Urgiip.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Topkapi Palace

7 – Topkapi Palace

This is the 15th century former residence of the Ottoman Sultans. It is a huge, ornate and a palatial palace which served as the focal point of Istanbul’s political and social life for hundreds of years. Having been listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this site characterised with Ottoman architecture, various Christian and Muslim relics as well as courtyards that will definitely give every tourist an awesome and a memorable experience.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Anzac Cove

6 – Anzac Cove

Marked with a series of memorials to cemeteries and museums, this is the battle field location where visitors come to pay tribute and respect to those who died during the Gallipoli campaign in the world war one and thus where they will be able to learn about the sombre history of these sorry and costly events. Basically, it is at Anzac cove where commemorative Anzac day ceremonies are held.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Basilica Cisten

5 – Basilica Cisten

This is an ancient underground wonder and a water storage chamber and actually one of the Istanbul’s best Byzantine sites that is composed of vaulted ceilings and imposing chambers together with ornate carvings of the ancient gods. This is indeed quite an astonishing historical site that any traveller needs to lay his eyes on while in Turkey.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Troy – Turkey

4 – Troy

Giving a feel of a legendary city, this location is now characterized with ancient walls and streets, theatres and homes. This timeless location has had events such as the Homer’s ancient yarns to full Hollywood styling. It is known to be quite an ancient city that if you need to travel back in time then Troy is the place to visit.

Bodrum castle

Bodrum castle

3 – Bodrum castle

Known to have been set up way back in the 15th century. This Citadel believed to have originally been built by Christian knights currently houses the fascinating Museum of the Underwater Archaeology. It is therefore, an imposing tourist attraction site in one of Turkey’s most popular resort.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Blue Mosque

2 – Blue Mosque

This mosque is known to portray one of the best picturesque sight of the blue Mosque that will impress literally everyone. It was set up by Sultan Ahmet I and was later redesigned to rival the Hagia Sophia and is characterized with increasingly high domes and a vast complex that not only defines the Istanbul skyline but its interior is also designed with grand swathes of blue tiles that gives it its name.

Top 10 Historic Places in Turkey

Aspendos Roman theatre

1 – Aspendos Roman theatre

This is one of the most preserved Roman theatres in the world with charming ancient structures and antiquity. It was built up around 155AD during the roman Emperor Marcus Aurelis rule where it was used as a caravanserai. Plus with a capacity about 15,000 to 20,000 spectators, this ancient theatre has survived for the longest times while retaining its original qualities. This is therefore a very significant historical component in Turkey.

Turkey is indeed packed with numerous historical attractions, along with a couple of beautiful and captivating gems that whoever would feel like travelling back in time, then all they needs to do is to seek and to secure an online Turkish visa to guarantee them a gateway for a perfect get away in Turkey.

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