Ten Pictures of Art Attacked Dumpsters (Amazing Street Art)

Rubbish bins, dumpsters and skips. It doesn’t matter what you call them they are all mostly ugly bits of any buildings needs. But there are various artists out there who are trying to show these hard-working objects some love by giving them a quick, art inspired make over. These artists often go un-named, but their work will never be forgotten…

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Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Cat Themed Refuse Bin

10 – The Caturday Club art team strike again!

Strangest Things in Bins: While emptying the bins in Manchester one lucky bin-man found £5000 in cash, not one came to claim it and after 12 months he was allowed to keep it.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Crazy Face Themed Refuse Bin

9 – “FEED ME!!! I love it!”

Strangest Things in Bins: It was reported by a local refuse worker in Canada that while he was about to empty out a bin he lifted the lid to reveal thousands of snakes! The story goes that the house owner had a few pet snakes and thought it would be OK to throw the eggs they had laid away as she didn’t want any more snakes.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Sad Face Themed Refuse Bin

8 – “No-one talks to me, asks me hows I am going, or hugs me!”

Strangest Things in Bins: A cremation urn was once found and appeared to be fully of someone ashes. But it turned out to be nothing more than grit and sand that someone had thrown away after a “practical joke” was played on his friend.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Open Mouth Themed Refuse Bin

7 – True Junk Food.

Strangest Things in Bins: During the time of the Royal wedding a bin was found rammed full of fake commemorative merchandise with “Kate” spelled “Cate!”

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Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Crazy Face Themed Refuse Bin

6 – The Trash Bothers

Strangest Things in Bins: In South Africa, a bin was about to be emptied in a small, quiet neighbourhood and inside was a life-size voodoo doll pierced by over 100 knives!

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Stickers on Refuse Bin

5 – Rubbish inside, stickers go outside!

Strangest Things in Bins: Over in Spain a worker once found a Wedding dress, engagement ring, and complete wedding cake in a bin! Still, till today no-one ever knows whose wedding it was that seems to have gone rather wrong.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Cartoon Themed Refuse Bin

4 – The cartoon World of bins.

Strangest Things in Bins: A worker in New York once found hundreds of up-to-date undelivered newspapers. It turned out that no less than 5 kids had been dumping their paper rounds in it every day after an argument with a shopkeeper.

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Butterfly Themed Refuse Bin

3 – Urban Nature at it best.

Strangest Things in Bins: To a London bin man’s horror he lifted up a bin lid to see a Human skull staring back at him! They called the police immediately, but it turned out to be a prop from a theatrical company having a clear-out!

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Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Lips Themed Refuse Bin

2 – If bins could talk, they would have a lot to say.

Strangest Things in Bins: An Italian council worker once found a bin full of no less than 10,000 unused, but out-of-date condoms! The strange part is that once the bins owner was located and asked about them he just said (And I quote here): “I brought them hoping for a better years love making than I actually had.”

Top 10 Best Art Attacked Dumpsters
Tank Themed Refuse Bin

1 –  Now that is what I call a rubbish tank!

Strangest Things in Bins: World Wide, every year it is estimated that 163 million pounds worth of Winning lottery tickets gets thrown away, but with a side stat it is estimated that almost 2% of these are thrown away deliberately because they don’t want the winnings!

Author: Gus Barge

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