Ten Cupcake Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Making or Eating Them

It seems that these days almost everyone is into cupcakes! From people selling them, making them, tasting them, everyone has had at least some interaction with cupcakes. And I am partial to blame, all those cupcake posts I did certainly encourage some of you to go on and make them and it seems they have inspired makers of other things as well…



Cupcake Inspired Toothpaste
Cupcake Inspired Toothpaste

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Most of you will remember this from my post “Top 10 Unusual Toothpastes” and apparently is still tastes like bubble gum! Who on earth would want to brush their teeth with a cupcake anyway?!?

Cupcake Inspired Paddling Pool

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Why not jump into this rather cool looking cupcake paddling pool! These are being sold as giant cupcake planters, but it seems people are using them as all sorts.

Cupcake Inspired Storage Bowls

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What better thing to keep the flour and sugar in for making cupcakes than a bowl that is shaped like one! these storage bowls could also double up as a rather cool cookie jar!

Cupcake Inspired Cushion

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What could be softer than sleeping on a cupcake? Well, I think this cupcake pillow might well be a lot better. It looks amazing and best of all it is 100% calorie and fat-free!

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Cupcake Inspired Tea-Pot

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If I had known about this one a while ago it might well have made it into my post “Top 10 Amazing Teapots” but it does make this list for being a very cool shaped teapot indeed.

Cupcake Inspired Money Box

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There is many, many cupcake shaped money boxes on the market these days, but this one I really liked because it was the only one you can decorate yourself!

Cupcake Inspired Post-it notes

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Is this cool or what? A cupcake shaped post-it note was always going to be a winner, but one that is shaped like a 3-dimensional cupcake is very creative and a fantastic gift idea.

Cupcake Inspired Sock Gift Set

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For just under a tenner, this is a fantastic gift and very good value for money. Consisting of a pair of nice fluffy socks shaped to a cupcake gift package, what a great idea!

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Cupcake Inspired Food Bowls

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There can’t be anything much cooler than eating a cupcake, (with a touch of hot custard) from a cupcake shaped bowl! Handmade, beautiful and well worth the money!

Cupcake Inspired Purse

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What you are looking at is the World’s most expensive cupcake! …Well shaped purse anyway, make by high designer Judith Leiber, this cupcake shaped evening bag will set you back more than what it would cost to buy an entire cupcake shop!

Author: Gus Barge

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