Ten Giant Edible Gummy Gifts You Will Be Eating All Year Long

We had some good gift ideas in my post “Top 10 Gummy Bear Gift Ideas” but now it is time to look at some very unusual if a little scary gummy sweets. But these are not the normal bag of 10 ones. These you wouldn’t get 1/10th of it into the bag! These are top 10 massive, oversized gummy gift ideas…


Top 10 Giant Edible Gummy Gifts
World’s Largest Gummi Heart

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This is the first of quite a few Halloween gummy treats. Or maybe just someone looking to make a cheap horror film! Because nothing says gore than someone snacking on a giant (cherry flavoured) heart.

Giant Gummi Tongues

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With a few styles to choose from including Witch, Viper and Joker there will be one that is sure to go well with most Halloween costumes. Strangely they all seem to be bubblegum flavour, you would have thought they might have been different flavours for the colours.

World’s Largest Gummi Brain

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For fans of the walking dead, or maybe someone who intends to go out on Halloween night dressed as a Zombie is this very large gummi brain. This is a very tasty sounding tropical fruit, so let the head munching commence!

Giant Gummy Bunny

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If Elmer J. Fudd saw this he would shot it. (As you parents, if you don’t know who that is.) This giant gummi rabbit comes in 5 flavours: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Lemon and Bubble Gum so there is something for everyone. So now….”Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!”

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Giant Gummy Skull

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Yet another one of those super-sized gummy treats that are better suited for a Halloween party. This Cherry flavour skull also comes in a clear case which doubles up as a display mount, with a cool hole underneath where you can place your own torch to make the Skull glow! Very cool indeed, and perfect for a table display.

Giant Gummy Frog

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Not being a big frog fan this is my worst nightmare. But it is a giant of a gummy sweet that is for certain. Measures 5.5″ long x 3.5″ wide, this Sour apple flavour frog is a beast indeed.

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle

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I have fond memories of these little cola bottles. (being 2 for 1p when I was young) but nowadays we want a little more from our sweets and this is not just a little more but a whole massive bottle full! I bet this tastes amazing.

Giant Gummi Worm

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If you come across this worm in the garden you would probably run a mile. But make it in sweet tasting gummi style and suddenly you have an epic party bag give away.

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Giant Gummy Bear

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Sometimes all you need is the original shape but in a ridiculous size. Well, that is what the makers of this sugar coma inducing, 6120 calorie beast think anyway. And who I am to argue?

26-Pound Edible Gummy Party Python

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I don’t know whether to eat it or wrestle it! This massive gummy snake comes in both red cherry & blue raspberry, and blue raspberry & green apple flavours to make sure everyone gets a bite. Even for wow factor alone these are worth getting, let alone the snack snake value.

Author: Gus Barge

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