Ten of The Very Best Adsense Features You Are Probably Not Utilizing
Using Adsense is simple right? Insert the code on your site, sit back and forget about it and keep making the best content you possibly can. But if you go into your Adsense account via the webpage or app you might find some things that could be utilized that could be earning you even more of that lovely Adsense revenue… …
Ten Ways To Get More Visitors to Your Website
If you’ve built a website, you probably know by now that it takes more than building it to get those visitors to stay, or to attract new visitors. The old adage, “If you build it, they will come”—doesn’t work so well in the world of web design. Instead, you need to make it easy for them to make the decision …
How to Create an Original Content Strategy for your Website
Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world, which has potential to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) about 300%. In order to receive a positive dynamic in traffic growth, it is crucial to select a proper content strategy and follow it. This why, I will tell you how to come up with the right …
Top 10 Blog Niches That Will Skyrocket You to Financial Freedom
The internet is buzzing with opportunity for students and teachers alike to achieve the financial freedom they are hoping for. Whether you are still a student who is looking to take what they’ve learned in school and transform it into a popular website, or if you’re a teacher who is passionate about what they do and wants to share that …
Top 10 Ways To Get Good Quality Backlinks
When it comes to learning SEO (search engine optimisation) most people will be worried about the amount of backlinks their blog or website has. But that is often not the problem you need to think about. The quality of those said backlinks far outweighs the amount of them. The good news is this post features ten tips on how to get …
Top 10 Best Feelings A Blogger Will Have
Blogging is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the first post to the last one you will ever do. But along the way, there will be a few things that will happen that stand out from the others. Many bloggers will still be waiting for these to happen and the rest of us will smile at the memories of when …
Top 10 Things Only a True Blogger Will Do
So you think you are a good blogger. You have a few hundred readers and you are well on the way to getting a lot more. But unless you do at least a few of the following things you can’t consider yourself a true blogger… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Template Ideas For a Blog Post
Now and again any blogger will suffer from the dreaded writers block. Even if you are a Vlogger, you still might struggle with a script one day. These ten post ideas are basic templates that can be copied and used to make your own posts. All you need to do is fill in the blanks… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Job Titles Every Blogger Has To Be
So you want to become a blogger eh? Well, the good news is starting up a blog these days couldn’t be easier. But as time moves on you start to realise that there is in fact, no such job as being a blogger. Being a blogger is a collection of complex jobs that you will most probably learn along the …
Top 10 (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO Tips For Bloggers
Sadly SEO is a major part of owning a successful blog. If you want to get found and get read you need to combat the basics of SEO. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen or read even half the rubbish they tell you about, you just need to cover the blog SEO basics… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Different Types of Bloggers
Not every blogger is the same. There are small ones, big ones, some as big as your head! Jokes put aside by working out what style of blogger you are early on will help you to aim your blog in the right direction. This post doesn’t cover all types of a blogger because there are so many different types, but …
Top 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Blog Theme
One of the hardest things you will have to do, even before you have even thought about writing your first blog post is to choose a blog theme. Every blog is different and everyone will have their own tastes, but these ten tips will help point you in the right direction… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Things Bloggers Should Do But Don’t
Blogging for a living is one of the hardest things you can do. It involves lots of work, for little or no money. The saying goes “Blogging ain’t easy” Well the truth is, it would be a lot easier if we did these ten things, but often we don’t… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Best Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out
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Top 10 Best Blogging Networks Worth Joining
Having a look around the web, there are hundreds of blog networks. Some of them are practically dead sites, but others are vibrant blogging communities that are well worth signing up to. So get ready to fill out those signup forms as I take a look at ten of the world’s best blog networks… theverybesttop10.com