Top 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

Top 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know
Optimizing your website is the sure-shot way to earn genuine traffic. The Internet is full of websites that create blogs, articles, and other stuff. Do all of them get visitors? Only top-notch websites get most of the traffic. So, where is the difference? We’ll discuss actionable tips for giving an SEO boost to your website:

# Utilise Content Marketing as a front runner

Have you designed your content strategy? Compelling content will leave a lasting impression on your clients. So, quality content has magnetic properties which attract both search engines and users to the website. Useful tips:

  1. Think from the user’s perspective what they want. What type of content do they prefer? It could be articles, podcasts, videos, and visuals like infographics. 
  2. You can see the target age and preferences of your clients.
  3. But, in all cases, Google understands content only. So, do mention a lot of content with other multimedia.

# Explore Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are yet to be exploited entirely by SEO marketers. When a user puts a query on the search console, Google displays a part relevant to that query. Isn’t it something, less effort but more results? See how can you tap it:

  1. Answering FAQs on your website can bring on the first page of SERPs.
  2. Let’s say you have a recipe-related website. And a user wants to know what the benefits of fats are for your body. So, if you cover the same, you may get listed on the first result page.
  3. Furthermore, a user may get curious to know further details, click on your website, and be your potential client.

Online businesses can use featured snippets to answer queries regarding their products. Further, you can access the eCommerce SEO Agency for designing appropriate snippets and makeover website SEO to improve conversions. 

# Improve user engagement dramatically

Maximizing user engagement will make your users stick to your website like glue. It will directly increase dwell time, the number of shares, and comments on your website. 

When new visitors see so many comments and shares, it influences them positively that we are at a place. And they pay more attention to your websites. The effect continues! 

To achieve this, you need to cover the topic from all angles. Employ LSI keywords, main keywords synonyms, and current problems in your niche. 

User engagement is in direct relation with the white space, short sentences, and smaller paragraphs. Bullet points and illustrating your content with images and video improve visitor attention.

# Voice search optimization

# Voice search optimization

Nowadays, voice searches have become a marketing funnel for online businesses. More than 50% of the users use voice search for product searches. Voice searches have become prominent while driving to arrive at the target service location amongst customers.

So, it is high time to grab voice search opportunities. Voice search is an AI-enabled technology that converts speech to text. Clients generally use their local slang, words like “best buy” and “near me.” It is best to make these additions in your text. Otherwise, people also ask day-to-day questions for voice searches. Thus, covering these questions will land you higher on SERPs.

# Use Link Building Techniques

Link building is an essential part of SEO. It matters to a great extent and is an indicator of domain reputation. How many other websites are referring to your content? And another thing is industry leaders mention your website. Search engines consider backlinking as a crucial factor in displaying a website on SERP.  

Some of the link building methods:

  1. Guest posting in your niche in exchange for your website links.
  2. Link Building with authority and resource websites.
  3. Regular Social media posts for higher user involvement.
  4. Approaching journals, magazines, bloggers, and influencers in your niche.
  5. Listing your website on GMB and other citation sites.

# Don’t forget to include outbound links

Marketers who think about benefiting clients with valuable resources are in a better position. Are you about internal linking only? But what if your client needs more information! 

Outbound links increase the credibility of your content. Providing outbound links improves user’s understanding of the topic. Additionally, Google considers linking to other websites as a positive signal. But, you need to consider one point! Linking to authority websites in your niche will yield better results.

# Add schema markup on your website

# Add schema markup on your website

Schema markup is a significant part of technical SEO. You’re writing a blog for your website. How will search engines and users come to know that this person is a writer? For Google bots, your name is like any other word in the write-up. Schema markup tags important parts of the web page.

With this, Google and users recognize the relevance of particular words in the text. For example, an event management website contains information like venue, date, and presenters. When coding developers assign schema markup to these values, Google displays rich information on SERPs. In this way, the visitors can relate to the data, and the chances of CTR increase many times.

# Seize the Video optimization opportunities

Videos have become the heartbeat of the present generation. With the whopping internet speed, video access is like a lollipop. The biggest advantage of video is the combination of audio, images in motion, music, and body expression. It is like everything on the same platter.

Businesses can harness the power of video to expand their outreach and reach more clients. It is super easy to explain “how to use” and the benefits of their products and services with animation and live videos. The best thing is to optimize the video and stories on Youtube and other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

# Take advantage of Mobile optimization

# Take advantage of Mobile optimization

With more than 90% of the global population accessing the Internet on Mobile, Google takes Mobile SEO very seriously. Mobile SEO may seem to be a cakewalk. But, it involves various parameters like:

  1. Keeping the website responsive to adjust the screen on all types of phones.
  2. All embedded fully visible of a mobile website.
  3. Google is able to crawl on web pages.
  4. High page loading speed to improve user experience and satisfying core web vitals. 

# Give importance to user intent

Why is a customer searching for a query on the internet? If you design content keeping in mind this concept, it will solve many problems. While displaying results, Google matches the user’s intent to provide the most suitable information.

Customers may just be seeking more information or comparing similar products. Otherwise, a client may look for brand-specific products or wants to buy your services. So, it is the responsibility of a content designer to address all kinds of user queries to influence their minds.


SEO is like the lifeblood of the website in today’s time. For businesses to survive, considers these points:

  • Prioritize your video, voice, images, and content optimization as per user requirements.
  • Internal, backlinks, and outbound links make your web page complete.
  • Utilize the potential of schema markup for getting into the mind of your audience.
  • Include FAQs on your web page for coming into direct contact with users.

So, from where are you starting to tap the abilities of SEO to increase sales and improve website reputation? 


Author: Gus Barge

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