Top 10 Ways To Get Good Quality Backlinks

When it comes to learning SEO (search engine optimisation) most people will be worried about the amount of backlinks their blog or website has. But that is often not the problem you need to think about. The quality of those said backlinks far outweighs the amount of them. The good news is this post features ten tips on how to get the very best quality links for your site…



Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building

10 – Broken Link Building

It can be hard work to find good quality links that are broken, but running a broken link checker you can easily find a few from just about every website ever made. Sites get taken down, moved and URLs renamed all the time, so make great use of them!


9 – Testimonials

Even if you are a blogger, get other bloggers to testify at your blogging skills, or maybe customers if you own a website. Getting people to leave testimonials not only creates good quality backlinks but also shows you as a leader in your field.

Guest Blogging

8 – Guest Blogging / Article Marketing

You can call it what you like. Writing an article on your skills/services and including a backlink within it is a great way to earn good quality backlinks. It is always better to write the article yourself as you will know the best keywords/language to use to really get people interested in clicking the backlink you provide.


7 – Discussions

This is not just the same as blog commenting, this is about getting people involved in talks relating to your businesses. Maybe comment on a competitors blog and get them engaging in conversation, by getting the backlink from a conversion rather than a simple comment Google will value it much higher.

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6 – Listings

Is your business fully integrated with Google Business search? Do you come up straight away when you search for your company or blog name? If not make sure those site listings are up-to-date and rammed with as much information as possible.


5 – Profiles

This is not just about getting backlinks from social media profiles, but it is also about making sure forum and other chat related profiles all include a link to your website or blog. Otherwise, how will people be able to locate you if they can’t instantly discover your website while looking at your profile!?

Shareable Content

4 – Shareable Content

One of the easiest ways to get good quality backlinks is to create something people engage with and want to share naturally. From videos to funny top 10’s, getting people to share it for you saves time and loads of searching hassle.

Webinars and Lessons

3 – Webinars and Lessons

If you are a blogger why not invite people to an online voice chat about what it means to be a blogger, or if you are a business, why not invite people to a Q&A session. this can not only create backlinks but also drum up some serious business or website visitors.

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2 – Spying

This depends on how devious you are feeling. By spying on your leading competitors you can soon discover ways to get good quality backlinks. If you spy on more than one, you will soon discover loads of ways to get backlinks that you can then try yourself. And it you can’t you can always build a very similar backlink to counteract it. This is more for businesses than bloggers, but it is still a good way of earning them.


1 – Support

By supporting a local team, charity or even a fellow blogger they are sure to write social media posts and articles about how wonderful you are. This will leave you feeling good, with a good quality backlink and it is sure to bring loads of site/blog traffic as well.

If you have any backlinking tips yourself I would love to hear from you.

Author: Gus Barge

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