Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Podcasts Transcribed and Get More Reviews!

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Podcasts Transcribed and Get More Reviews!

Podcasts have become a part of our lives. These tools have appeared to be very convenient for self-education and making business. Having such on your page can increase the number of active users, increase quoting, and not only.

Even if this option is extremely convenient for taking elsewhere and listening to it while going somewhere, it still takes time for your users. But, even in such a situation, you may easily solve that problem – transcribe audio to text easily and enable your users to simply look through it within a couple of steps and clicks. DoFollow the next tips and enjoy the closest benefits that may become available thanks to transcription services.

1. Make your life easier and more convenient is the right approach.

If your users need to grasp any new material you have provided in the form of podcasts, the next benefits start to be available easily after transcribing their info.

2. User Experience of another Level

If you accompany audio or video materials with textual equivalents, this may help a lot of your future reviewers, especially those who are very busy. This approach signifies your better customer care and effort for ensuring the convenience of using your website by customers. Some reviewers prefer listening or watching materials while they have a rest, go for a walk, or while doing any other things. Some people enjoy reading more and want to find all things they are looking for in your podcasts faster. Provide them with your content transcribed to make their lives easier and increase the number of reviews.

3. Improve Your SEO and Allow More People to Discover Your Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach that can place your materials in TOP 10 and help with making them much more visible. The single point here is picking the right keywords and including those in your content. You may emphasize the samples of competitors for this purpose and apply different SEO professional tools or involve experts. In any case, you should include all those identified workable keywords while making your podcasts and a bit later.

Please note that you may not have an opportunity to provide the entire content to your semantic core. But, you may prepare a short description of your video or audio and also make content transcribed, with all keywords that can help it in becoming more visible. Don’t hide from the world your precious materials and allow more people to discover such. Automated transcription software or professional human transcribers may help you with that a lot.

4. Use Transcription Services to Reinvent Your Content

If you want to redevelop your content, apart from having a view about how it should look like it is also necessary to form an understanding about how it looks like entirely at the moment. Text transcription may help you a lot with forming this comprehensive picture and replacing some precious content, deleting those you find unnecessary, or presenting some existing content in a different form.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Podcasts Transcribed and Get More Reviews!

5. Easily to make blog posts

You may easily place useful materials in your blog or create a new one if you don’t have one at the moment, but you have transcribed text. Some visitors prefer texts. Don’t remove precious videos or audio samples. Simply present those in a new form by transcription.

6. Create infographics

Transcription makes your website more interactive and makes it easy to create infographics. This is a good solution for making your content visible. That will also signify your intention of ensuring a better customer experience for your followers and users.

7. Develop email campaigns

What about developing entirely new email campaigns? You may easily take quotes or simply useful phrases to create catchy emails. This can make your campaigns a number of times more effective.

8. Create a guide

You may easily redevelop content you have to helpful guides with bullet points. This is extremely precious for users who are limited in time and want to get quick answers to questions that interest them.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Podcasts Transcribed and Get More Reviews!

9. Boost your social media accounts

Having your podcasts transcribed can help a lot with increasing the number of shares on social media accounts. People may easily review audio or video materials or read through a text, whatever option they find more suitable. Consequently, you can get more shares of your posts and more reviews if you decide to boost your social media accounts in this way.

10. Few Things to Take into Account

If you decide to request transcription services and search in Google’s available options, you may easily find yourself lost among all of them. To help you with making your choice, we have a couple of parameters to consider while reviewing all offers:


Modern professional transcription software enables reaching a 99% level of accuracy. Make sure that all services you are reviewing ensure exactly this level of accuracy. Human-made services should provide you with 100% accurate samples of transcribed texts.

Speed of transcription

Again, professional services enable you to provide a ready sample within a couple of minutes. This is a standard if we speak about automated transcriptions. For human-made transcriptions, the process may take a couple of hours or around one day. The exact time depends on the quality of provided recordings and the existence of background noises, accents, or similar things that require more attention. But, in any case, the ordinary process should not take longer than one day.


Professional services have already ensured a cost-quality balance for the convenience of users. Applying advanced software enables you to get accurately transcribed texts for less.


You should always expect to get sufficient support during your work with the selected transcription service. All contact and support details should be provided and be visible for ensuring your better customer experience.

Final Words

If you wish to have more reviews, followers, or customers, taking steps for ensuring their better experience is strongly required. Transcribe content you have for better convenience, redeveloping it, and providing more details for your audience. If you have lots of materials, don’t worry. Simply get a million minutes transcribed in a couple of hours only using professional transcription services.

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