How to Create an Original Content Strategy for your Website

How to Create an Original Content Strategy for your Website
How to Create an Original Content Strategy for your Website

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world, which has potential to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) about 300%. In order to receive a positive dynamic in traffic growth, it is crucial to select a proper content strategy and follow it. This why, I will tell you how to come up with the right approach, using simple, but effective methods of creating content.

In this article I will give answers to the following questions:

⦁ Why is content crucial for the advancement of your website?
⦁ How to find an individual approach regarding your website’s niche?
⦁ How to develop a content plan for a long-term promotion of the brand?
⦁ How to improve the quality of the product, which will increase exposure and position in search engines?

As you can see, we are going to talk about attracting an organic traffic, because these viewers are your primary audience, which happens to be very a significant aspect of monetization.

Now, let’s dissect reasons and effects of implementing a content plan.

Why is the content so important for promoting your brand?
The answer to this question, in my belief, lies in the following few reasons:

Competition: Nowadays, one of the main reasons is the amount of text we generate and upload to the web. Upon information request in the search bar, pay attention to the quantity of page results provided, as an answer to your question. I think this number will definitely surprise you. The competition in a single niche is essential. However, it causes a creation of similar information or plagiarism in the worst case.

Plagiarism: I believe that unoriginal text is one of the biggest reasons, which influenced the aspects of search engine rankings and quality of the content. I refer to the 100% copy, already indexed text. If you are not a creator of helpful, unique from already existing information, content, then the SE will not identify you as a leader among your competitors and will simply stop showcasing your website in the search results.

The Effect
To improve the search results, SE takes upon itself to sanction websites with poor quality and unoriginal content. Which in our case, happens to be the main reason for improving the level of information we are providing, as well as the creation of a content strategy, which helps you to avoid such result.

Website’s Content
It doesn’t matter which field you are working in, whether it’s an app, and online store, or something else, it’s not enough to simply offer your service and information about the company anymore. For the SE to recommend your website as the most appropriate to users inquiries, you need to prove your expertise in the selected field and able to provide useful information. Start with creating a category or a blog, where you can share your advice, and you automatically become and expert!

How to determine what is the a useful information for a reader?
How to determine what is useful information for a reader?
One of the methodologies is to use websites that provide you with information on most requested topics and keywords. This is a unique tool, which allows you to understand the interests of your target audience. After a thorough analysis of most requested information, you will know what is that you actually can offer to your readers.

For example, you are Seo Tools development company:

Your main inquiries are:
⦁ SEO tool
⦁ SEO software
⦁ SEO checker
⦁ SEO analyzer

Also, you have to identify the category of the informational requests. In simple words, this is an additional product information, which people request before they make any action on your website:
⦁ what is SEO tool
⦁ SEO software reviews

You already own a list of commercial and sales inquiries. Next, you need to categorize these lists and divide the keywords into groups. To find connected among themselves pages and specifications. Also, you need to understand for yourself which keywords to use when writing any text and which not. I am offering you multiple tactics for selecting keywords, which in the future will be ranked in the top of search engines.

In a case when you already have a website and good positions in commercial requests, but you want to improve them. In this situation, you need to expand your product and create specification pages to these requests, which will fully cover the group of inquiries in this niche.

Next, you need to understand, that one page can be relevant to thousands of keywords, as long as, they all belong to one group. A group of keywords is a list of requests that have a similar purpose of the search, with different specification additional words.

A group example would be:

⦁ SEO tool review
⦁ small SEO tool
⦁ top SEO tool
⦁ web SEO tool

Among themselves, the inquiry groups create connected pages in a single category. Website pages are created from these specific groups.

Also, I would recommend when it comes to the selection of keywords to pay attention to Google Suggestion, which will help you with content creation:

SEO Tool Search
SEO Tool Search

Try to cover all the categories connected with your field on your website. Coming from these groups, analyze which information requests relate to them and being a creation of the content plan.

Content Plan
In the content plan you need to show the following data:

Page Url: The URL of the page must include an exact form of a keyword of one of the main keyword request.

Meta Data: The most important information on the page. It’s more logical to fill out this page after the text was completed, then you will have a full understanding of the content, and all you will be left with is a simple overview of the page.

Metadata Format Recommendations:

Keyword usage: Do not list multiple keywords from one group, but create a full, coherent, readable sentence. As in one mid-range request from a few words already contains a main inquiry from the page, by using it in the title, it becomes relevant to more requests.

Length: 70 Characters


Keyword Usage: Try to make the summary of the page compact, containing keywords the didn’t make it to the title. Don’t forget about the call to action!

Length: 156 Characters

However, this number of words is only a recommendation. Google might change the text of the extract in the result of a search, based on the request or the history of the browser search. Or, if Google decides that your description isn’t appropriate for the result or has poor quality content. This happened to the page on the 2nd position in the search results.

SEO Tools
SEO Tools

The real description of this page:

SEO Book
SEO Book

H1: Possibly one of the most important information on the page, regarding which the search engine will analyze the content. Usually, the main headline correlates with the title. But I would recommend not to repeat them. You can take a mid-range request as a title, analyzing by the next parameters:

⦁ Giving an answer to this request you cover the entirety of a group
⦁ Compare the results of this request, and do not select the highest, as it will only grant you a high competition in the search results.
⦁ PPC – usually with a lower price per click in the content advertisement, the competition of these requests is lower.

Keywords: is the main component of the content plan. Before the text generation, you need to collect a list of words that will go inside the text. You must create an outline of sub-headings, and arrange the words among them. There is no certain rule when it comes to keyword usage, whether it’s at the end or the beginning of the text. Furthermore, even if you spread the words in throughout first 300 words of your text, it won’t guarantee that your content will be ranked higher than of your competitors.

Seo Tool Group Example:

⦁ best
⦁ free
⦁ onine
⦁ Google

Which keywords not to use:

⦁ Requests with mistakes;
⦁ Requests from a single group that do not relate to your topic;
⦁ Requests with other brands;
⦁ If you own a local business, do not include requests with other locations.

How to Use Keywords in Text:
The most important when using keywords is keeping the natural feeling of the text. What I mean by this is that the words must feel organic and real in the text, not forced. This is easy to achieve if you are creating a truly interesting content. It would be logical if the article context will sufficiently describe an exact meaning from the keywords, then unintentionally you will meet these words. In this situation, you are going to avoid over spam.

Also, it’s important to mention, that it’s not only the right form of keywords in the text that will determine your relevance in the SE but the specification words as well. These unique indication words are used to specify the main inquiry. The presence of these words in a flexible form will showcase your intelligence in the field. The search engine will be able to analyze the connection between meanings and words if they are present in the same sentence or paragraph.

You need to demonstrate, that you are an expert in the niche. To do this, you need to create something different from your competitors.

⦁ Create unique advice, tips, and prompts;
⦁ Update your articles, filling them with new facts;
⦁ Do not write without keywords. If no one is looking for this information, you won’t receive the traffic on these pages, which in the eyes of SE, will create irrelevant pages.

Create video content;
Featured Snippet: give a forward, the exact answer to the question, so that Google will select your page as the most appropriate among your competition. This will work as long as the content has full information on this topic.

Free SEO Tools
Free SEO Tools

How to Improve the Quality of the Content
Main Text Requirements:

⦁ Do not use the words that have no contextual meaning to your work:

⦁ clearly tell
⦁ often happens
⦁ was problematic
⦁ it happens
⦁ it is undeniable that
⦁ as it is known

2. Try to minimize usage of adverbs in the text.

⦁ very cool
⦁ very fast
⦁ maximally qualitatively
⦁ clearly tell
⦁ usually, it takes
⦁ very real
⦁ incredibly convenient

3. Try to avoid useless opinionated text, and focus on facts.

4. Always check your text for originality and uniqueness.

5. Use HTML for text formatting.

6. Fill the text with exclusive media content, images. However, before adding anything to the website, make sure to compress them and upload in the proper format. For any graphics – .png, for photo – .jpeg.

7. Avoid outgoing links with 404 Error Pages.

If you are hesitant about the quality of your text, you can use

Lastly, there is one more aspect that I would like to mention. To maximize the effect when implementing a content strategy is to offer the reader such information that he would want to share it in social profiles. This way, you will know if your content is interesting and useful for people.

On the example of a website in Education niche, which has integrated a content strategy using the tactic above, you can analyze the results you receive at the end.

SEO Results
SEO Results

Implementation of the content strategy began in July 2016. A positive dynamic in a visitation change started two months after and kept growing.

Author: Gus Barge

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