Top 10 Novelty and Unusual Golf Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a golf gift for someone who is obsessed with the game? Maybe someone who likes to talk about golf all day and all night long? They have memorised all the big PGA tournaments and know all the players names from just looking at the back of their heads as they walk down the fairway. But yet…they have never actually played golf themselves! For all those golf fans who have never tee’d off are ten gift ideas that capture their love for the game perfectly…



Golf Drinking Game

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This ‘shots’ style golf drinking game is designed to get harder and harder as you go on. This is a test of skill and coordination as well as how much booze you can handle.

Golf Club Pen Set

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Keeping this on their desk will help them get through the working day and back onto the greens.

Star Wars Golf Club Covers

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These limited edition Star Wars Driver head covers will keep their clubs safe and their nerd status intact.

Golf BBQ Grilling Tools Set

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This BBQ set will keep them talking about the time they almost got a Hole-in-one all day long (just a shame it was only on the crazy golf course).

Golf Hole Coffee Cup

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If they can’t show their putting skills off over a cup of coffee when can an amateur golfer showcase them?

Golf Dartboard

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How else can amateur golfers play golf when it is raining? You just need some golf darts to go with this!

Golf Cheese Board and Tool Set

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Having cheese and crackers before you set off onto the green is suggested by many top golfers. I can’t name them all now, but I’m sure they did say it!

Golf Chess Set

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Some golf enthusiasts don’t like playing the sport, so why not get them something they can play!

Golf Socks

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Crazy socks and golf seem to go together hand in hand! So why not go all golf themed.

Golf Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. But this golf-themed one with 3 golf stick-shaped pens is the perfect golf gift and any budding Rory McIlroy.

Author: Gus Barge

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