Top 10 Easter Blog Post and Blog Theme Ideas

While it might be a little too late for these ideas to be integrated now, they make great tips for use next year. If you want to jump on the Easter blog bandwagon, these are the best things to consider…


Easter Keywords
Easter Keywords

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Here is just ten of the top searched for keywords around Easter time. Stick a few of these in the title and content and you will be well away.

Easter Recipe

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Planning on doing an Easter recipe? Looking at the top 100 most viral images around easter time they all have one consistency…OTT! Yes, they are all ‘Over The Top’, while Easter does a have religious background, it’s all about the indulgence in sweet things these days. So make that recipe as crazy as you can!

Easter Giveaway

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Why not hold a special Easter Giveaway! If your budget is a little small, why not make something as a prize. This is also a great way to capture those valuable email subscriber or social media followers.

Easter Crafts

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Why not do a blog post on how to make something at Easter and if you are short on ideas do a post about making someone else’s idea. This idea grows good pictures and if you have a Vlog it will be a good ‘follow-along’ post.

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Easter Facts / History / Quotes

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Posting about the history of Easter, some inspirational quotes or even some useless Easter facts can all grab the readers attention. For example: Did you know Lindt tried to trademark the Easter Bunny and that said Lindt chocolate bunny is a girl!

Easter Egg Hunt

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Why not have an Easter egg hunt on your blog! Give clues to the page location of the egg and a prize for the person who finds the most. This method can really boost those viewing numbers through the roof. Just make sure the prize is worth the effort of the hunt.

Easter Header

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Why not make your blog theme header a little more Easter themed. Sites like have a simple click and resize Easter stickers. Nice and easy to use and it’s free!

Easter Reviews

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Why not do a special Easter gift or snack review! This makes for good content and a good place for those affiliate links!

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Easter Fun Picture

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Fun image making sites like have loads of Easter images that you can make. They look amazing and are perfect for just about any Easter post.

Easter Blog Theme

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Why not go all out and change everything you can to an Easter theme! Icons, header, background the whole shebang!

Author: Gus Barge

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