Ten of the Very Best American Football Gift Ideas for Non-US Fans

Have you ever been lucky enough to experience the fun of a San Diego sports bar while the big game is on? Well, the atmosphere is loud, fun and exciting even if the home team is losing! The other year I managed to get to the GameDay sports bar at Sycuan Casino to experience this for myself. Being from the UK I didn’t really understand the game (give me soccer or basketball any day of the week) but what I did enjoy were the people, the atmosphere, and the supporters camaraderie. Oh! And I also enjoyed all the fun American football themed things around the walls and ceiling, so I thought I would try to find some of my own…


Top 10 American Football Gift Ideas
American football Beanbag

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Sometimes it all gets too much while the tension is high in the bigger games, so why not slump down and relax for 5 in this American Football bean bag! Big enough to hold even the pro footballer or sports fan.

Football Shaped Magnetic Bottle Opener

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Sometimes while you are even in a sports bar a bottle opener will come in handy. So what better one to have that this one shaped like an American football with a bottle opener and official American football team logos on them as well! Dolphins for me, please.

American Football Shaped Cookie Gift Basket

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This is such a fantastic gift even I want to buy it for myself! With a cool wicker, football shaped basket containing  two dozen chocolate chip cookies, it is the perfect first quarter snack!

American Football Shaped Sleeping Bag

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Just when you thought you have some weird dream about winning the Super Bowl, along comes a sleeping back that would be as if you had won it! Serious this is a very cool gift indeed. Shame it is only for the little ones.

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American Football Shaped Adirondack Chair

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Imagine bathing in the hot summer sun, on the decking in this chair with an ice-cold beer in one hand the remote to a projection TV in the garden. Now that is what I call living! I couldn’t find the buying link sadly, but I just loved it too much not to include it.

American Football Cocktail Shaker

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Let’s hope that this has a seal-tight lid on it because shaking is all well and good, but I would want to throw it around and have fun while the drink is still inside. Then when a touchdown happens, simply pour a drink to celebrate!

American Football Shaped Wii and WiiU Controller

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When I was in that sports bars it felt like I was part of a team enjoying the game. But with this and a copy of Madden NFL I really can be part of the game! Seriously, let’s hope this works with those kinds of games, just remember to not let go.

American Football Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Ball Mold

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Much like all the sports pros you need to chill out when the pressure is on at the end of season play-offs. So why not chill out and relax a bit by popping some of these little American football ice cubes into your glass of drink. These are also good for the kids in the pop as well.

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American Football Shaped Chopping Board

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You are never going to get chopped from your team of friends while you are using this to chop the snacks on it! Per game warm up snacks are just as important as the in-game snacks, any sports fan knows this!

American football Armchair

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Imagine watching the big game while sat in this in front of a massive TV! This amazing coach seems to be a one-off much like my trip to the sports bar in the Sycuan Casino. But that makes it even more amazing.

Author: Gus Barge

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