10 Most Popular Running Myths
People take up sports as a hobby for various reasons: either they want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, they want to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with exercising, or they want to have a constant hobby to keep them occupied. Either way, as it turns out, running is the most popular amateur sport in the world. Statistics show that …
The Top Ten Fastest Times Women Have Run the London Marathon
While the times are not quite as fast as the top 10 fastest men running the London Marathon, they are still very impressive indeed. These are the some of the fastest long distance runners in the world and with these top times, they have already sealed their place in London Marathon history… theverybesttop10.com
The Top Ten Oldest Golf Clubs in the UK
It is said the UK is the home of Golf so it makes sense that it is also home to some of the worlds oldest golf clubs. While there are many golf clubs all over the world that claim to be the oldest, these ten are the oldest in the UK… theverybesttop10.com
The Top 10 Fastest WBA World Title Boxing Fights
Personally, I love a good title fight match when it comes to boxing. While I like to watch the skill of two elite fighters I am always wishing, hoping for a knockout match to make it more exciting. These ten matches are just that and ended just as soon as they began… theverybesttop10.com
The Top 10 Helpful Sports Betting Tips and Tricks
The perfect formula on how to win 24/7 does not exist, if it did we would all be millionaires and bookmakers would run out of business. However, there are some tips and tricks on how to increase the odds theoretically, get better at betting and make the whole process much more enjoyable… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Famous Sportsmen Who Are Huge Gamers
There are lots of athletes all around the world who have a strong penchant for online gaming. So when they are not on track and field, you might find them at some plush casino making big bucks. Online casino gaming is something that has made a considerable mark on people all across the world. The prospects of winning big by …
Top 10 Fit & Active Cats Who Love Sports
Are you a sports fan? Good to hear. You might be forgiven for thinking it was only us humans that are into sports, but some cats have started supporting their favourite teams and some have even taken up the sport themselves… theverybesttop10.com
The Top 10 Greatest Sportsmen Ever
When it comes to what people believe are the greatest sportsmen in the world, everyone will have their own opinion. From football starts to darts players. They are all amazing sports stars and all top of their game. Today I would like to share with you what I think are the ten best sportsmen in the world… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Novelty and Unusual Golf Gift Ideas
Are you looking for a golf gift for someone who is obsessed with the game? You know the ones, they talk about golf all day long, but never actually get out and play a game of it. For all those golf fans who have never tee’d off are ten gift ideas that capture their love for the game perfectly… theverybesttop10.com
Top 10 Pioneering Women Within Sports Games
For centuries, women have been barred from sports, told that they cannot meet certain physical demands or that it is improper for them to compete on the same levels as men. For centuries, women have been proving men wrong. Below are some of the most notable female icons within sports and games, who have challenged gender norms whilst paving the …
Top 10 Crazy and Unusual Shaped Pool Tables
Back in my youth I was pretty mean on a pool table. I could bank shots, spin the balls to stop where ever I needed them to and knew exactly where to bounce the balls off the cushions. But I might not have been so good if I had learned to play on one of these crazy pool tables… theverybesttop10.com
Ten of the Worlds Most Amazing and Unusual Crazy Golf Courses
While I have never play real golf (and probably never will) I do love a quick game of mini golf. Some are themed, some courses are crazy and some are too bizarre for words. So grab a score sheet, pencil, putter and a golf ball and join me as we travel the world looking for… theverybesttop10.com
Ten of the Worlds Most Unusual and Amazing Basketball Courts
I have never been very “sporty” but there is one game I wish I had tried hard at. You see, being tall I think I would have been rather good at Basketball, but this post isn’t about my hopes and dreams of becoming a sports star, this is about some of the worlds most amazing basketball courts that I might …
Ten of the Greatest Uk Sports Moments You Will Ever Read About
Few, if any, countries have as rich and diverse a sporting heritage as the UK. The truth is that Great Britain invented many of the world’s most popular games today – including the planet’s favourite sports football. But as far as the country itself is concerned – the fooling events all deserve a place in an all-time top ten sporting …
Ten of the Very Best American Football Gift Ideas for Non-US Fans
Have you ever been lucky enough to experience the fun of a San Diego sports bar while the big game is on? Well, the atmosphere is loud, fun and exciting even if the home team is losing! The other year I managed to get to the GameDay sports bar at Sycuan Casino to experience this for myself. Being from the UK …