Ten Scary Halloween Ice Cube Trays You Can Buy Right Now

If you are planning on hosting a Halloween party this year it is those all important drinks that will make or break a party. Having the right drinks is all well and fine, but what about the ice-cubes? What’s that!? You have gone for the normal cube style ones! Well shame on you, because there are all these amazing ice-cube trays to choose from…


Top 10 Scary Halloween Ice Cube Trays
Mr Bones Ice Cube Tray

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Looking like a frozen game of operation comes Mr Bones who is more than happy to keep your Halloween drinks as cold as his soul. As a whole, this looks cool, but broken apart in your drink I would imagine it looks even better.

Boo Cubes Ice Cube Tray

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Looking more like the Halloween playful style of ghosts comes these “Boo Cubes” ice-cubes. This one as with most of the items you will come to see are all silicon moulds to make it easier to get the cubes out. The days of breaking your wrist snapping those plastic ice cube trays are long gone.

Baby Heads Ice Cubes

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If you are the type of person who really likes to gross people out and play the best tricks at April Fools, then this is the perfect ice-cube for you. There is no mould to buy to make there, but there is a step by step guide to making your own.

Illuminated Pumpkin Ice Cubes

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This pumpkin themed ice cubes are made from acrylic and feature LEDs inside that can be turned on or off. No water needed with these, Just place them in the freezer, take them out when needed and drop them in a glass of whatever you want chilled!

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Zombie hand ice cubes

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With the success of the Walking dead and a few other Zombie style TV shows, I think I kind of had to include at least one true Zombie themed ice cube tray. So I have decided to give you all a hand and found this one.

The Chiller 3D Skull Ice Mould

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This giant ice head is 2.5 x 2.9 x 2.5 Inches and is the biggest mould you are going to see in the list. Sure the mould is amazing, but it will need a rather big glass to fit it in. Or maybe it could just keep the fruit bowl punch cool all night.

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

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This might be a bit too science-themed for most people, but I think we’re the little bit of creativity hey could just as easily be a zombie snack or some other disgusting themed item. You could even go so far as to colour them pink to make them look even more realistic.

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray

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Have you ever wondered why they are all called ice-cubes when in fact none of them is in fact cube-shaped?!? Well, product name moaning aside I do love these bone chillers because they could also double up as a Pirate party idea as well.

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Ice Screams Ice Cube Tray

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Looking more like something from a Doctor who epidermis than an Edvard Munch art piece comes to these ice scream style ice cubes. Floating around inside the glass makes them look very creamy indeed and would be great inside that pumpkin punch bowl.

Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray

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There are not many people who have not seen a Dracula of Vampire style film these days, so it goes without saying that more people will instantly recognise and enjoy you making these Vampire teeth style ice-cubes. Perfect for the Halloween cocktail you have been saving all year.

Author: Gus Barge

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