Ten of the Very Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ten of the Very Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Also known as a Golden Anniversary, anyone’s 50th Wedding anniversary is a big day and one that you need to get the perfect gift for. But what makes a good gift idea for such a prestigious day? If you go for anything truly unique and personalised like hand made jewelry set with argyle pink diamonds you are on the right track, but I have ten tips that will help you choose the right gift idea and all of them are taken from the inspiration I got from visiting this website. So before you go out shopping, do consider these tips…

Tip 1: Personalised Not Generic

There are some truly amazing gift ideas out there that people can give to celebrate a Golden Anniversary, but unless they are personalised they might seem a little too generic to celebrate such a cherished day. Taking that extra bit of care to personalise a gift shows you put the effort into thinking about how much it matters.

Tip 2: Photos Are Gold

Just about any gift idea which includes a photo is instantly personalised. From a gold locket with photographs inside to a gold photo frame of that special day, a photo perfectly captures the memories of why a 50th Wedding Anniversary is such an important day.

Tip 3: Gold is Just a Colour

When people think of a gift idea for a Golden Anniversary most people will think of something expensive, something made of gold. But that is not the only option as anything coloured gold will be just as appreciated. Items made with real gold can be quite expensive, so if you don’t have that kind of money remember that gold is just a colour.

Tip 4: Handmade

A handmade gift is not only a cheaper option, but it is also a much more personal option that shows you have put your own time and effort into making the gift when the couple has put in so much effort to make the relationship work for so long. Even if its something food-based it shows you care.

Tip 5: The Best Things in Life Are Free

Don’t have any money at all? Why not so something personal for them that doesn’t involve a gift, so you give them the gift of time! Maybe compile a collection of tunes from the year you got married, or even better try and find newspapers of the same day which you can do in any library.

Ten of the Very Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tip 6: Gifts Come in Many Forms

You don’t have to get a golden gift for someone just because it is their Golden Anniversary! You can always buy tickets for a music concert, a play they both enjoy and for the finishing touch you can wrap them up in gold paper!

Tip 7: Don’t Be Scared to Be Original

Just because it is a big day don’t be scared to try something original, like a crazy gift idea or a golden celebration of sorts. Trying something new and different can make this predominant day stick in their minds even more.

Tip 8: Cards are Important

Try and take some time to think about the sort of 50th Wedding Anniversary card you are giving. Does it look too basic, too generic? Instead of getting a cheap one from the supermarket you can consider making a card yourself, or even better getting the grandkids to make it! It will come across far better than something they might see ont he supermarket shelves every single day.

Tip 9: The Year Not The Day

It’s not just the day they are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary that is important, it is also the year they got married. Maybe think back on that year and theme your gift accordingly. That is especially true when it comes to Golden Anniversary party themes.

Tip 10: Its the Thought That Counts

The last and final tip I will give you is to remember that it is always the thought that counts, not the value of the gift. Maybe you use tip 4 and make something yourself, or maybe you just can’t afford something made with real gold. That fact that you thought about picking a gift makes it worth far more than an empty hand.

Do you know of anyone who has recently had their 50th Wedding Anniversary? If you do what gifts did they get? Why not leave a comment below so we can use them for inspiration.

Author: Gus Barge

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