Ten Crazy and Unusual Fire Logs You Can Bung on the Winter Fire

While most people are happy to put a simple wooden log on the winter fire there are some people who like their fire logs to have a little more flavour. That is where these ten crazy and unusual artificial fire logs come into it. From chicken to cakes and a few other surprises along the way, if you use fire logs you will definitely want to read this post and maybe even purchase some of these…


KFC Fire Log

KFC Fire Log
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I’m pretty sure Nat King Cole didn’t sing ‘KFC roasting on an open fire’ but yet that is what we have here. Yes, it’s a fire heat log that smells like 11 Herbs & Spices, but in reality, it is made from 100% recycled materials making it environmentally friendly and tasty smelling!

Fruit Cake Fire Log
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From the made-up name of Henri Remoulande comes this fruitcake flavoured fire log that is said to be a blend of cardamon seeds, anise and cinnamon. I am sure it will smell super-sweet on the fire provided you like the small of a festive fruit cake in the first place.

Java Fire Log
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Not only do these firelogs smell like coffee, but they are also made from actual coffee shell grounds! Apparently, this helps them to burn hotter and for longer as well as giving off a light coffee smell for over 3 hours!

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Why not turn your open fire into a firework display! OK, so there are no fireworks here as that would be dangerous, but you will get to see a rainbow of coloured flames dance around simply by chucking one of these onto the fire. If you enjoy sitting in the dark watching the fire slowly burn this would be well worth a go.

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Chimney Sweeping Fire Log
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While this fire log doesn’t smell of anything it is said to clean your chimney breast just as well as a chimney sweeper! Apparently, it was invented by a team of professional chimney sweeps and it helps prevent chimney fires!

Yankee Candle Fire Log
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I’m not quite sure what Balsam and Cedar would smell like, but coming from a big brand like Yankee Candle you can expect it to smell amazing as well as lasting for more than 3 hours. If I had an open fire myself I would give one of these a go.

Maple Bacon Fire Log
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You just knew someone would want the smell of bacon drifting out of the open fire and that is exactly what this flavour is. Each pack contains 10 pods what should last you several hours of sweet-meat smells.

Apple Scented Fire Logs
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With a light scent of apples these firelogs a super-safe to use and feature no chemicals or floating ashes. While they only burn for 25 minutes each you do get 5 in a pack, so they should last a while.

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Irish Peat Fire Logs
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I’m not sure what the smell of Irish peat would smell like, but these Irish peat briquettes are dried and compressed to last much longer than firewood and you get 22 of them in one box which should last you several days if not weeks.

Lekto Long Burn Fire Logs
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In each box of these Lekto Long Burn Fire Logs are 10 briquettes that each last 8 hours! That means you can keep a fire going for over 80 hours with a single box making these the longest-lasting fire bricks you can buy.

Author: Gus Barge

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