Ten Strange and Unusual Fruits From Around the World

Over the last few weeks we have seen some of the worlds most unusual bananas, apples and strawberries. But now it is time to see some fruits you have most probably never heard of let alone seen or tasted. As with all plant grown foods you really need to know what you are picking before you eat something nasty. But this little lot seem good to go…


Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Blowfish Fruit

10 – Cucumis metuliferus

It goes by several names: Horned melon, kiwano, African horned cucumber or melon, jelly melon, blowfish fruit and many, many more. But I like the name blowfish fruit. It is said to have a strange cucumber and zucchini, but overall utterly refreshing taste.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Fruit Salad Plant

9 – Monstera deliciosa

There is a very good reason it looks like a deadly jungle/rainforest flower because that is what it is! But that corn on the cob style object in the middle? When ripe that is a pineapple flesh style fruit. But eat it before it is ripe, and you will be in very serious trouble.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Bread Fruit

8 – Artocarpus altilis

This fruit gets its name because apparently it really does taste like bread when it is cooked!  But in terms of raw taste and texture it is very similar to a banana. This is also the fruit from one of the tallest fruit tress in the world and they can grow up to 100ft.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
The Bush Pear

7 – Dacryodes edulis

Looking more like some sort of alien fossil rather than fruit is this pear. Over 50% of this unusual fruit is essential fatty acids which mean it is really good for you. In fact, it is often considered to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Duku Fruit

6 – Lansium domesticum

These berry style translucent fruits are ridiculously easy to peal, just twist of the thumb and index finger and out they pop! With a very watery flesh with a sweet flavour, and refreshing taste it is apparently a really good summer fruit, and perfect for making syrup apparently.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Wood apple

5 – Limonia acidissima

This fruit has so many names it would be impossible to list them all here. From elephant-apple, monkey fruit, and curd fruit you can call it what you like, but with a look like a decomposing apple, and a smell and taste that’s a mixture of sourness and sweet it is one of the weirdest you will ever see that is for certain.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits

4 – Blighia sapida

Despite looking rather poisonous, this is officially Jamaica’s national fruit! But this is also a fruit of 2 halfs. The Black middle section is deadly as they come, and can indeed kill you, but the outer, cream colour fleshy part is apparently really good for you. Just make sure you eat the right bit.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Thatch Screwpine

3 – Pandanus tectorius

Looking more like a CGI scene from a sci-fi film of a planted exploding, more than any edible fruit is the Screwpine. The outer seed segments of this fruit are so tough that they are often used as nails in wooden houses in the small villages that surround the wild trees!

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Snake Fruit

2 – Salak

With a rough texture skin very much the same as snake scales, this crunchy fruit is definitely not for everyone. But with a super sweet honey style flesh in the middle, they are apparently a taste sensation.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Fruits
Brazilian Grape Tree

1 – Jabuticaba

Also known as the Brazilian Grape Tree, this fruit is nothing that special in taste resembling very much most grapes out there, but only coming from a bigger fruit. No, what makes this so special is that it is the only fruit in the world that grows on the bark of the tree rather than the ends! And as you can see in the single image here it creates something simply beautiful if very deadly looking.

Author: Gus Barge

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