Ten of the Very Best Recipes for Things to Make With Rhubarb

When it comes to puddings nothing brings waves of nostalgia more than a nice hot bowl of Rhubarb and Custard. The very thought of it makes my mouth drool and happy memories of free school dinners. But as you will read in the facts below the Rhubarb plant is a very complicated plant and you really need to know not only how to cool it, but what part to cook. Well for this post I am going to presume that you already know, and so we can now get on with the tasty recipes…


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Top 10 Best Rhubarb Recipes and Ideas
Rhubarb and orange swirly buns

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FACT: You really do have to know your plants when it comes to Rhubarb as there are approximately 60 species of rhubarb, and some of them the entire plant is highly poisonous!

Rhubarb & custard pie with butter crumble

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FACT: Rhubarb is indigenous to Asia, but in the UK there is an area called the Rhubarb Triangle, encompassing Wakefield, Leeds and Morley which has one of the highest rhubarb productions in the entire world!

Rhubarb Coffee Cake with Butter Cream Sauce

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FACT: During WW2 it was quite a common sweet-treat for children was a tender stick of rhubarb dipped in sugar due to the lack of real sweets.

Rhubarb fool

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FACT: Rhubarb is a very diverse food and can be used to make wine as well as more common recipes such as tarts, crumbles and jams! Although I have to say I have never heard of Rhubarb wine before.

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Rhubarb and strawberry empanadas

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FACT: You really need to know how to cut and cook Rhubarb properly as the leaves of the plant are really are poisonous and have been known to kill field grazing animals if eaten in large amounts!

Rhubarb & Jasmine Popsicles

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FACT: You don’t need to worry about most of these recipes because Rhubarb is low in calories, low in fat, cholesterol free, and very high in fibre making it a super healthy food source!

Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie

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FACT: Is was none other than Ben Franklin who is credited with being one of the first people to send rhubarb to American.

Rhubarb Cordial and Rhubarb Almond Bundt

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In America, the humble Rhubarb plant is also commonly referred to as a “pie plant” because of their love of the Rhubarb pie.

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Pork Chops with Rhubarb Compote

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FACT: 1: The earliest records of the use of rhubarb dates right back to China in 2700 B.C. and it was only used for medicinal purposes not eating, eating recipes didn’t appear until 3 thousand years later!

Rhubarb Pecan Scones

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FACT: The stalk of the Rhubarb plant is very edible, and the really weird part is that the stalk part and only the stalk part is technically classed as a vegetable! But the plant as a whole is classed as a fruit.

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