Ten Pictures of Cats Controlling the TV Watching What They Want

First they start to control when they get fed, then they start to control when us humans can sleep and then where we can sit on our own furniture!  But now cats everywhere are going too far, they are trying to control what we watch on TV…

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Top 10 Images of Cats Controlling the TV
Cat on TV Satellite

10 – “Let me know when you get a picture!”

FACT: Right up until 1987, there were no television broadcasts in Iceland on Thursdays at all! It was the last country in the world to get terrestrial TV signals 7 days a week.

Cat in TV Box

9 – “There is nothing better to watch than me sleeping, that is why I threw the other TV away!”

FACT: The word ‘television’ entered the English language in 1907, but the abbreviation ‘TV’ was not added until 1948!

Cat Blocking TV

8 – “I’m not blocking the view, I AM the best view you’ll ever see!”

FACT: The average person that owns a TV worldwide watches just over four hours’ television each and every day.

Cat With TV Remotes

7 – “You get these back when the luxury brand nibbles come back!”

FACT: Worldwide studies show that on average children under the age of 8 see about 3,000 deaths each and every year on TV.

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Cat Near TV Satellite

6 – “Are you ready to catch this thing, Dave? Once cut I can’t stop it falling!”

FACT: At 152 inches the Panasonic 4K2K 3DTV is officially the largest plasma TV currently available in the market, costing approximately around $70,000.

Cat With TV Remote

5 – “You won’t be needing this anymore, not until we talk about feeding times”

FACT: A mind blowing 56% of all TV-owning households have more than 1 TV, and 25% of them are located in the bedroom!

Cat Blocking TV

4 – “Nope! You can’t watch this stuff you will go blind!”

FACT: The very first television advertisement was broadcasted on 1st July 1941 in and was for a Bulova Watch and it lasted for just 20 seconds.

Cats Watching TV

3 – “I invited a few friends around to watch the food channel, hope you don’t mind!”

FACT: in 2014 36% of mobile phone users watch live TV beamed straight in their phones and the trend is still rising 3 fold year on year!

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Cat on TV Arial

2 – “If you turn to channel 6 you can see my bum!”

FACT: In 2014, the cost of 30 seconds of prime-time TV advertisement is £62,000, but just 50 years earlier in 1964 is was just £10.

Cat on TV Satellite

1 – “You will watch what I want you to watch!”

FACT: It was way back in the year 1926 when J.L. Baird first displayed television which had only 30 lines and a coarse, colourless image. Most modern 4K TV’s 4320 lines.

Author: Gus Barge

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