Ten Weird and Crazy Pictures of Cats in Food

While I do get the fun to be had from most of these silly cat crazes there is one that has been going for some time that I just don’t understand. It is the mad world of “breading” a cat! It sounds just as crazy as it seem, but nowadays people are making their cats put their head through various foods, take a look at this crazy lot…


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Top 10 Funny Images of Cats In Food
Cat in Bread

10 – Inbred Cat

FACT: This is the original cat and his name is “Melon” and yes he hates it when people do this or even show him pictures of it! Poor cat, but still very loved apparently and famous.

Cat in Crisps

9 – Fresh and Crispy Cat

FACT: The style of “Cat Breading” is also called “Breading Cats,” and is a photo fad that involves taking pictures of cats with slices of bread placed around the neck. The name of the series is meant to be a pun for “inbred” but people use the images now for all sorts of reasons.

Cat in Coconut

8 – Catnut!

FACT: The original cat bread photo was posted to both Reddit and Tumblr way back in August 2nd, 2011, where it received over 51,000 votes in just six months and started the craze everyone knows today.

Cat in Pizza

7 – Pizza Cat

FACT: A few months after being on the other sites the original image was then posted to the pics subreddit and it received 8,095 upvotes! But sadly it also received 6,964 downvotes. Boo to that then!

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Cat in Water Mellon

6 – Fruit Shark Cat

FACT: During an episode of South Park a pair of men investigate the spread of photo fads and find that cats shown partaking in cat breading are doing it themselves and thus creating their own feline photo fad.

Cat in Pancake Waffle

5 – The White Waffle Cat

FACT: On November 21st, 2012, mobile gaming startup Bake450 released a game titled Bread Kittens, in which the player battles stray cats that have been brainwashed due to tainted food.

Cat in Naan Bread

4 – Naan Cat

FACT: Search for the phrase “inbread cats” began picking up in August 2011 when the first cat photo began circulating, peaking the next month. (VIA: knowyourmeme.com)

Cat in Biscuit

3 – Biscuit Cat

FACT: It is thought that there are now over 45,000 dedicated Facebook fan pages to the fad of cat breading

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Cat in ice-cream pot

2 – Ben and Felines

FACT: In an internet survey of 1000 meme users 70% of them found the fad of cat breading cruel, but also strangely funny, the rest felt that the cats might be enjoying it.

Cat in Pineapple

1 –  Catanapple

FACT: As of the 1st of January 2014 there was not a single country that had not submitted an image to the cat breading phenomenon.

Author: Gus Barge

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