Ten Funny Pictures of Cats Dressed as Food Who Look Tasty AF!

Some of the earliest evidence shows that our pre-human ancestors were eating meat as early as 1.5 million years ago! So is eating meat so bad? Am I hypocritical if I tell you I love eating meat (cows, chickens, sheep) but sickened at the thought of eat dog or cat!? Well maybe I am, but for me a cat is a pet no matter what it looks like…


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Cat Dressed as Sushi
Cat Dressed as Sushi

10 – “Touch me with those chopsticks and die!”(Seen in”Top 10 Cats Dressed as Sushi“)

Rat Hair: As part of a percentage of all foods called “unavoidable defect” a certain amount of rat hair is deemed as OK.  The math behind this works out at 22 hairs per 100g of food!

Cat Dressed as Burger

9 – “They call me Mc Furball!”

Boiled Beetles:  Called carmine this rather nasty ingredient is made by boiling female cochineal insect shells in ammonia! And all this is done in the name of food colouring!

Cat Dressed as Banana Split Sundae

8 – “Touch me with that spoon and face the consequences!”

Antifreeze: Propylene Glycol is a compound that is basically antifreeze! This can be found in more things I could ever name here and is widely accepted as an ingredient.

Cat Dressed as Candy Corn

7 – “I might look like candy, but I will never be as sweet.”

Beaver glands: Found in vanilla, strawberry or raspberry ice-cream is an ingredient called Castoreum and it is this that comes from the male and female beaver glands

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Cat Dressed as Sour Fruit

6 – “Sour Fruit by costume, sour by nature!”

Borax: This is basically a  fire-retardant, anti-fungal enamel! This is often used in rice dishes as it adds a firm, rubbery texture to the rice. Yummy indeed!

Cat Dressed as Cupcake

5 – “This is the tastiest hat I own!”

Coal Tar: Known as tartrazine it is derived from coal tar and had been linked to childhood hyperactivity. Sounds like very nasty stuff indeed.

Cat Dressed as Hot-Dog

4 – “What part of the word ‘Hot Dog’ are you not getting with this costume?!?”

Silicone Implants: Nuggets are only about 50% chicken and some of the rest comprises of dimethylpolysiloxane a chemical used in silicone implants!

Cat Dressed as Taco

3 – “My name is ‘Taco Cat’ and I challenge you to say my name backwards!”

Fish Bladder: Various well know beers around the World contain Isinglass. This is produced from the swim bladder of a fish! Fishy beer!

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Cat Dressed as Banana

2 – “I’m so cute I have my own ap-peal!

Human hair: Human hair is used to make L-Cysteine and this is used in the shakes and burgers of McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King!

Cat Dressed as Lobster

1 –  “This hot tub seems a little small for my liking.    …and rather hot as well!”

Arsenic: Traces of arsenic are in loads of things, from rice to cereal,  juice, and even beer! Even worst is trace elements are found in bottles of filtered water!

Author: Gus Barge

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