Ten Foods That Will Not Help Boost Your Metabolism

The problem with most top 10 lists is that they are boring! Most of them are full of great facts, figures and advice, but I want fun things! I don’t want to know what the top 10 best-selling books are, tell me the top 10 best books featuring funny spelling errors! When I see the post “Top 10 Foods That Help to Boost Your Metabolism” I know it is full of great advice on what to eat, but what I really want to read is…



Heavy Water Ultra Premium Vodka
Heavy Water Ultra Premium Vodka

10 – Heavy Water Ultra Premium Vodka

Original Post Facts: Water speeds up weight loss and increases the metabolism. It also flushes toxins and sodium from the body. Cold water is said to be even better as your body has to work to heat the cold water until the temperature reaches the rest of the water in your body. This process increases the metabolism even more.

Green Tea Mousse Recipes

9 – Green Tea Mousse Recipes

Original Post Facts: The caffeine in green tea speeds up metabolism and also has a chemical, EGCG (antioxidant), that stimulates the nervous system and helps prevent cancer. Extracts from Green tea boost metabolism, aid in weight loss, and also have anti-cancer properties.

Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake

8 – Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake

Original Post Facts: Water-rich fruits, such as grapefruit, dilute calories. Grapefruit also reduces insulin, which can help your body process food more quickly and efficiently. Grapefruit is also a good source of Vitamin C, reducing insulin levels and boosting metabolism.

Chocolate “broccoli” cookies

7 – Chocolate “broccoli” cookies

Original Post Facts: Broccoli is high in vitamin C and calcium. These two work together to help burn calories faster and more effectively. Calcium also activates your metabolism, and vitamin C helps absorb more calcium. Broccoli is also great for immunity. It has vitamin A, folate and fibre.

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Raspberry Yoghurt Dessert

6 – Raspberry Yoghurt Dessert

Original Post Facts: Yogurt is full of calcium and protein which gives you energy and helps build lean muscle mass. Yoghurt also helps regulate your digestive track

Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Peppers

5 – Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Peppers

Original Post Facts: Eating hot peppers can boost metabolism and curb cravings. The chemical capsaicin (found in jalapeno and cayenne pepper) assists in speeding up metabolism. Other spices, cinnamon and curry powder, are also metabolism boosters.

Smoked Salmon and Dill Mini-Ice Cream Cones

4 – Smoked Salmon and Dill Mini-Ice Cream Cones

Original Post Facts: Salmon is a lean protein and high in omega-3 fatty acids which help speed up your metabolism.

Chicken Korma

3 – Chicken Korma

Original Post Facts: Protein found in chicken, turkey and lean meats takes energy to break down so your body burns calories in the digestive process.

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Almond Joy Cheesecake Recipe

2 – Almond Joy Cheesecake Recipe

Original Post Facts: Although almonds are high in calories, they are jam-packed with essential fatty acids, which are great metabolism boosters.

Oatmeal Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

1 –  Oatmeal Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Original Post Facts: Oatmeal is rich in fat-soluble fibre which requires a lot of calories to break down. It also reduces cholesterol levels and risks of heart disease.

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