Ten Weird and Wonderful Things You Can Do With an Old Ladder

While at a school fete today I saw 2 step ladders being used as part of a ‘fun’ obstacle course! While I didn’t think it was the safest thing I have ever seen I  did think it was creative (in a Health and Safety accident waiting to happen) kind of way. But it seems people use ladders for all sorts of weird things…


Top 10 Alternative Uses of Ladders
Ladder Used as Chandelier

10 – Light of the Ladder

It doesn’t get any stranger than using stepladders as chandeliers. But it does have to be said that they do indeed look amazing, and must have taken ages to make. It will come to no surprise to some that this is located in a design college canteen.

Ladder Used as Christmas Tree

9 – Christmas Ladder

At first, it might seem like these festive ladders are someone who is cheap. But that is simply not the case, in fact, people often make up a Christmas ladder because they are allergic to plastic and real ones! So there is thinking in the madness it seems.

Ladder used as Bookshelf

8 – DIY Hanging

Not only do these 2 step ladders being used upside down as a bookshelf look stunning, but it is also a great use for old step ladder if you have some going spare. As far as alternative uses for ladders go, this one I really approve of.

Ladder Used as a BBQ

7 – BBQ

Now I am sure that a Multi-fold ladder is much more expensive than a BBQ stand, But try telling this person that! But I suppose at least there are 2 stands for the food trays, but thin ladder rungs make for a bad drinks holder.

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Ladder Used as a Satellite Stand

6 – Getting the Signal

I am sure there are very legitimate reasons for someone using a stepladder as a satellite stand. But the danger factor is quite high given that it is a metal ladder with a power current going to the satellite receiver!

Ladder Used as a costume

5 – Fancy Dress

I am now wondering the amount of beer you need to drink before you think a wooden step ladder is great fancy dress costume? But as you can see people do it all the time, but I do like the fact that the image on the right has used one of the rungs to hold his food.

Ladder Used as Pool Slide

4 – Slide on up!

What can only be described as a make-shift poolside slide might seem like a good use of a step ladder, and I do indeed applaud the creative aspect of it. But the danger level on this is too high for words, and I would not let my little one up that, no way.

Ladder Used as Bannister

3 – Hold on!

This is one of those used of step ladders that is either pure, creative genius or utter madness.  But strangely it does seem to offer a rustic style view even though it is as unsafe as it gets.

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Ladder Used to reach urinal

2 – Reach for the loo

It might look like a photoshop image, but this was, in fact, a social test in a lavatory in France that tests if people really would use a step ladder to goto the urinal, rather than use the lower and empty female toilets next door. Apparently, over 80% just used the ladder!

Ladder Used as Shoe Rack

1 – Shoe Rack

This is in fact what is often called a display ladder, and can be used for various purposes. But simply buying one, leaning it up against the wall and hanging shoes on it does look great and offers you easy access to the shoes as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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