The Top 10 Longest Rivers in Europe and Where to Find Them

The Top 10 Longest Rivers in Europe and Where to Find Them
The Top 10 Longest Rivers in Europe and Where to Find Them

We have already seen the longest rivers in the world and now it is time to find out how European rivers measure up. We have their location, length and of course some great photos of them for you to enjoy. So let’s get our water-proof measuring stick out and get on with it…


The Top 10 Longest Rivers in Europe and Where to Find Them


The River Elbe

10 – The River Elbe (River Mouth: Wadden Sea near Cuxhaven) – Length: 1245 km/ 773 miles

Strarting off in the Krkonoše Mountains of the northern Czech Republic it plunges down 197ft of the Elbe Falls and later settles down into the torrential Malé Labe.

The River Dniester

9 – The River Dniester (River Mouth: Black Sea near Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi) – Length: 1362 km/ 846 miles

Running first through Ukraine and then finally through Moldova it discharges into the black sea which is once again back in Ukraine! Its name “Dniester” means the close river, but Dnieper, also of Sarmatian origin means “the river on the far side”.

The River Ku

8 – The River Ku (River Mouth: Caspian Sea near Neftçala) – Length: 1364 km/ 847 miles

It is said people have inhabited the Caucasus region for thousands of years and one of the very first established agriculture started in the Kura Valley over 4,500 years ago!

The River Northern Dvina

7 – The River Northern Dvina (River Mouth: Dvina Bay in Severodvinsk) – Length: 1803 km/ 1120 miles

Its name is said to have been taken from the Western Dvina River, however, its true name origin is unclear. In the Komi language, the river is called “Вы́нва” which means “powerful river”.

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The River Pechora

6 – The River Pechora (River Mouth: Pechora Sea near Naryan-Mar) – Length: 1809 km/ 1124 miles

Said to be the longest river with no dams along it, this river was once a very important transportation route to Siberia, but these days people just take the train.

The River Don

5 – The River Don (River Mouth: Sea of Azov near Azov) – Length: 1923 km/ 1194 miles

Viewed as a water border between Europe and Asia (by some ancient Greek geographers for the Book of Jubilees it is often speculated to be the source of the Black Death! While this was never proven it did have the geography flow to match the outbreak.

The River Dnieper

4 – The River Dnieper (River Mouth: Dnieper-Bug Estuary near Kherson) – Length: 2201 km/ 1367 miles

The longest river of both Belarus and Ukraine this forth longest is often noted for its long list of dams and hydroelectric stations which makes it a very for the economy of Ukraine.

The River Ural

3 – The River Ural (River Mouth: Caspian Sea in Atyrau) – Length: 2428 km/1508 miles

Starting off in the Ural Mountains this impressive river has an average width of 60-80 meters. While long it might be it is also very rich in fish travelling upwards to the part of the river that is mostly fed by melting snow.

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The River Danube

2 – The River Danube (River Mouth: Black Sea near Sulina) – Length: 2857 km/1775 miles

Flowing through an impressive 10 countries (more than any other river in the world) the Danube is one of the most biodiverse rivers in Europe and is home to hundreds of species of fish.

The River Volga

1 – The River Volga (River Mouth: Caspian Sea near Astrakhan) – Length: 3790 km/2354 miles

While you could argue the national river of Russia isn’t really part of Europe what you can’t argue about is just how impressively long this river is.

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