Top 10 Places To Visit In Canada

Everyone should envy the people of Canada for having such a beautiful country full of stunning landscapes and wonderful nature. Its unique geography and its climate gave birth to stunning wildlife plus a variety of national parks and great places to visit. All those hiking, camping or climbing enthusiasts can look forward to having a time of their life once they visit Canada. Maybe these trips will have to wait until this pandemic is over, but travellers can use this time to explore destinations online and plan their future journeys. We can help them by presenting this shortlist of Canada’s main destinations that will inspire everyone to grab their backpacks and just go into the adventure of a lifetime. 


Niagara Falls

1. Niagara Falls

It is such a cliche, but the stunning beauty of these nature-made structures just captivates our senses every time we see them. When people hear Niagara Falls they instantly think about Canada as they became its trademark. This unbelievable landscape perfectly fits into the urban area surrounding it by becoming like an oasis to enjoy. Lucky visitors may witness some winter freezing of this river and forming a giant ice wall resembling the one in Game of Thrones.

Banff National Park

2. Banff National Park

This tourist destination is a paradise for hikers or bikers alike, as they are coming here from all over Canada to enjoy its breathtaking scenery. It is a popular destination among foreign tourists too, especially those that value its unique wildlife and Rocky mountains landscapes. When a place is so beautiful that it is put on a Unesco world heritage map, you know you got to visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Jasper National Park

3. Jasper National Park

Just a little north of Banff National Park, determined travellers will stumble upon Jasper National Park with its icefields, lakes, and gorgeous canyons. Their sharp cliffs are in contrast with serene rivers that sustain the abundant and diverse fish population. Those who are passionate about kayaking, fishing, or rafting will not want to leave this place even after trying all its attractions. Bears, cougars, or pikas are a common sight as well as golden eagles or dozens of other wild species.

Vancouver Island

4. Vancouver Island

If your journey ever takes you toward the outskirts of BC, do not forget to visit this marvel of nature that rises from the Pacific Ocean like that lost city of Atlantis. This is a very urban, very populated area with a rich history and the best climate in the whole of Canada. Meet indigenous people who settled this area thousands of years ago, and observe mountain goats, mooses, or island wolves that peregrinate this area


5. Vancouver

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Quebec City

6. Quebec City

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Enjoy the best ski resort in the whole of Canada, and maybe even some golfing if you are a fan. These pleasant activities are embedded in astonishing wildlife that surrounds visitors everywhere they glance. This cute retreat is a host of many alpine events, and they hope to host another Winter Olympics in near future.

Prince Edward Island

8. Prince Edward Island

For those who care visiting that far East Coast of Canada, we warmly recommend Prince Edward Island among other places. This farming community used to be a French colony before the English took control of its rich resources. It is like one remote island paradise but with some Canadian touch that calls for hiking, fishing and roaming the countryside.


9. Tofino

We bet you didn’t imagine that surfing is possible in Canada. If you thought that local folks just like playing ice hockey and drink maple syrup, prepare to be amazed. Canadian surfers are a growing and welcoming community that appreciates the courage of those who dare to ride those cold wawes of the Pacific Ocean.


10. Kelowna

This little gem is hiding on the coast near Lake Okanagan and it is full of orchards, vineyards, and rolling mountains. Enjoy these natural beauties, rent a boat, or try local wines. There are so many gorgeous places that deserved to be discovered in this area.

This list can go on forever, as Canada has so much to offer to those looking for a retreat from crowded city life. Explore all these places if you get a chance and soak up the freshness of untouched nature and wildlife. People around this globe can only envy Canadian for having all that beauty just for themselves. Luckily, they are generous hosts that warmly welcome visitors who wish to explore their beautiful country.

Author: Gus Barge

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