Ten Crazy and Amazing Restaurants Located Inside Vehicles

As a child, I remember seeing a truck stop that was inside an old double-decker bus. To anyone else, it would have looked like a like any other greasy spoon cafe, but to me, it was something magical. So imagine my surprise the other week while on a visit to London I found another restaurant located inside a red double-decker bus! So I thought I would try and discover some other amazing restaurants that are also located in old vehicles or vehicle shaped buildings…



Ten Crazy and Amazing Restaurants Located Inside Vehicles
Restaurant in a VW Beetle

10 – VW

Sure this first one is only located in a building shaped like a car, but it is still well worth seeing and indeed visiting. It’s called “The Car. Das Auto” restaurant in Salzburg Austria, and despite the old car themed outside, inside it is an ultra-modern building that with a clean modern look to it. Just shows you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Restaurant in a Double Decker

9 – Bus

And here is the very same restaurant that I saw. Located in Hastings it is never going to win any restaurants of the year awards, but the food was good, the staff friendly and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Well worth a visit even if you live in London and see these buses on a daily basis.

Restaurant in a Space Shuttle

8 – Shuttle

It might be officially the most amazing themed burger van, but it still gets my vote. Sure you can’t technically eat in it, but the food comes from within it, so that is good enough for me. Besides, it’s a mobile Space shuttle burger van, what more do you want?!?

Restaurant in a Car

7 – Car

OK, so the restaurant might not be actually inside the car, but you still have to sit in the car to eat here. This is the P.S. Bubu restaurant located in Taiwan and they are home to some of the best-themed restaurants in the world.

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Restaurant in a Yellow School Bus

6 – Yellow School Bus

Over in America, they have the Yellow school buses rather than the red ones that London has. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring you this themed restaurant that makes great use of an old school bus.

Restaurant in a Train

5 –Train

There are lots of trains still active today that have a dining cart located on them, the Orient Express for one. But this one is a much more static version of it and perfect for being turned into a restaurant because many of the seats already faced each other with a table between.

Restaurant in a Tram

4 – Tram

Like a well themed Subway cafe, this sandwich bar is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and used to be an old Tramcar. But nowadays it is static, but the inside keep moving with some very happy and well-fed customers.

Restaurant in a Submarine

3 – Submarine

This is one of those restaurants that is only themed like a vehicle, but it is still worth including. Original a celebrity endorsed eatery by none other than Steven Spielberg, it was sadly a bit of a fail and was closed down just as quickly as it started up.

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Restaurant in a Yacht

2 – Yacht

This might look like a scene from a big budget sci-fi movie, but this is the restaurant Whampoa located in Hong Kong. But, of course, it is far too big to be just a restaurant located in it, no, don’t worry there is a shopping mall with hundreds of shops as well.

Restaurant in an Airplane

1 – Plane

It might look like some sort of publicity stunt, but it really is a Maccy D’s located inside a repurpose aeroplane! Surely it has to be worth eating there at least once just to say you have.

Author: Gus Barge

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