Ten of the Very Best Spots You Should See In Sydney

Sydney, among the top twenty most visited cities in the world. This influx of tourists brings along quantities of suitcases. Here is where luggage storage Sydney comes into play. It is a visually stunning city. The lifestyle of the locals makes it a special place. Here is a list of attractions in which will mesmerize anyone who will visit the place once…


Bondi Beach - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is Australia’s one of the most famous stretches of sand. It is just minutes away from the city centre. You will get incredible opportunities for surfing and visiting fantastic cafes and designer shops. You can go for a casual stroll along the Coogee coastal trail. It is one of the scenic treks in this city. You can store your bags in baggage storage in Sydney and enjoy the beach.

Taronga Zoo Sydney - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney

The zoo is a house for more than 4000 animals. Both exotic and native animals can be found here. Australian sea lions, tigers, leopards and giraffes, are few trademark species that can be found here. If you are saddled with too many bags, you can drop them at some luggage storage Sydney centre and enjoy a stay in a safari-style tent and have a close-up encounter with the animals.

Cockatoo Island - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Cockatoo Island

Several tourists love to spend a night at Cockatoo Island. It is present in the centre of the city’s Harbour and has one of the best views on Earth. There are options to book a tent here and get access to lanterns, barbecues, hot showers, and communal camp kitchens for your stay here.

Sydney Opera House - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Sydney Opera House

If you have a short layover in this city with some amazing places, one can deposit their baggage at the luggage storage Sydney and head straight to the Sydney Opera House. It has multiple venues that host art performances. This place is known for the use of a series of glowing and polished sailed-shaped shells as the roof and is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Ancient Culture Sites - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Ancient Culture Sites

The aboriginal heritage in Australia is not relegated to the forests completely. The Aboriginal culture can be seen in the incredible city as well. An intimate walking tour at Barangaroo can make you familiar with the aboriginal culture. At the Australian Museum, you can find fascinating galleries of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal objects.

Queen Victoria Building - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Queen Victoria Building

Romanesque- style Queen Victoria Building is a high point of Sydney shopping. And it is linked by underground arcades with Town Hall Station. This beautiful building has more than 200 high-end shops line its light-filled galleries. If you are planning to visit and shop here. You can drop your bags at luggage storage Sydney and enjoy this elegant shopping place.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

the Harbour Bridge, also called Coathanger by locals, was the city’s best landmark. It is supported by massive double piers at each end. It connects the harbour’s north and south shore in a single curve. It is 134 meters rising above the water. This huge bridge contains two railway lines and eight lanes for road traffic, the direction of which can be changed according to the flow of traffic. It also has walkways and you can also experience the breath-taking adventure of bridge climbing.

The Rocks - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

The Rocks

The name of the rocks originated from the rocky coast on the West side of the city’s cove. Convicts pitched their tents there. This narrow street has 100 heritage sites and buildings jostle. You can visit the Rocks Discovery Museum, wander around the narrow cobbled streets with their souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, and aboriginal and contemporary art galleries.

Art Gallery of New South Wales - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The art gallery of New South Wales is one of the country’s most famous art museums. Beautiful parklands surround it.

Blue Mountains - Wonderful Spots You Should See In Sydney

Blue Mountains

Also known as the Three Sisters, the Blue Mountains is famous for its rock formation and charming townships. The Blue Mountains National Park takes less than two hours from the heart of Australia. They provide you with an opportunity for mountain biking and gauging beautiful waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, and tall forests.

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