The Top 10 Longest Rivers in the Entire World

It’s a pretty safe bet most people can name one or two of the ten longest rivers in the world, but what about 5, or 8! After reading this post you can name all ten of them and you will know just how long in miles they all are…


The Amur-Argun
The Amur-Argun

10 – The Amur-Argun (Estimated Length: 2,763 Miles)

Not only in the top 10 longest rivers in the world, but this river is also the largest undammed river in the world.

The Congo

9 – The Congo (Estimated Length: 2,922 Miles)

Ending up in the Atlantic Ocean, it is also the deepest river in the whole world and at some parts is over 700ft deep!

The Parana

8 – The Parana (Estimated Length: 3,030 Miles)

Said to be the best rivers in the world for bird-watching, it is often toured up and down by cruise ships that are presumably full of bird watchers!

The Ob-Irtysh

7 – The Ob-Irtysh (Estimated Length: 3,364 Miles)

This river starts life as a melting glacier in the Altai mountains and goes all the way to Mongolia and China!

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The Huang He

6 – The Huang He (Estimated Length: 3,395 Miles)

Starting in the Kunlun Mountains the ‘Yellow River’ as it is often called really is yellow in colour when it carries the silts downstream. Not all of its yellow, but some of it!

The Yenisei-Angara-Selenga

5 – The Yenisei-Angara-Selenga (Estimated Length: 3,445 Miles)

Starting off as a stream in the Khangai mountain range it goes all the way to the Kara Sea and then the Arctic Ocean.

The Mississippi

4 – The Mississippi (Estimated Length: 3,902 Miles)

I feel I have travelled this river a thousand times reading the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. At one point this amazing river is 7 miles wide!

The Yangtze

3 – The Yangtze (Estimated Length: 3,917 Miles)

Also called the Chang Jiang river, this covers 20% of China and is very prone to extreme floods which makes living near it very troublesome.

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The Nile

2 – The Nile (Estimated Length: 4,258 Miles)

It snakes across the desert leaving a trail of green trees as it goes and one can only presume the only source of water of the oldest civilisations in the world, the ancient Egyptians

The Amazon

1 – The Amazon (Estimated Length: 4,345 Miles)

Some will argue that this is the second longest river in the world, but they would be wrong according to the latest satellite length check. I’m not sure if it is the longest for certain, but it’s very long either way.

Author: Gus Barge

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