Ten Cats With Beards Who Are More Than a Man Than Most Men

So you think just by growing that little bit of beard you have instantly become a man? Time to think again because even these ten cats you are about to see have bigger beards than most men do. OK, some of them might be fake, but what isn’t fake is a service that offers the best cheap essay and you can order those by clicking on that link. In the meanwhile you can have a good laugh at these ten funny pictures of cats with beards…


Cat With Fake Beard


I love that this kitty has gone all Breaking Bad, but that beard is just too bad for words.


This cats beard is almost covering the whole sofa! Seriously, how does this cat walk without tripping over it?!?


I just get that funny feeling that this beard is fake somehow. I mean…how would Kitty be able to style it like this?!?


You know you need to stop growing your beard when your head is rounder than your waistline. This kitty didn’t get taught this tip.


That long white beard and funny hat…I would recognise this guy anywhere! Besides, I love Lord of the Rings and even watch the new Hobbit films with him in.


If you don’t have a beard as long as Gandalf the wizard from Lord of The Rings, then you don’t have a beard at all. It’s just face fuzz until it reaches these epic lengths.


Someone forgot to tell this kitty that St Patrick’s days finished months ago. Still, he might as well keep it on until the next one now.


Gary here keeps his beard small and tidy because he is a hipster cat and he takes good care of his facial hair management.


Sure it is a fakie. But it’s so thick and luxurious that I just had to include him. A mighty fine beard real or not.


Now that is one fluffy beard! To get this that fluffy requires the hiring of several mice with special beard cleaning skills. Then at least if they fail the cat can eat them.

Author: Gus Barge

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