Ten Great Slot Player Tips That Are Actually Useful

Looking around the web it is easy to find various slot player tips. But how many are actually any good? Here are ten very selected slot player tips that not only work, but they work for any machine slot game you play…


Slot Player Tips
Slot Player Tips

10 – The Clawback

If you are losing don’t ever play on just to get that lost money back. Play on because you are still having fun, but never to try and gain those losses. While this is often easier said than done it can often be the best tip to listen to.

Slot Player Tips

9 – Play the “loose” games

While there is no slot machine that is especially “loose” there are some that seem to win more than others. If it makes you happy playing those machines then stick with them. Even if they are not paying out that day, just stick with them, like an old friend you will need to remember what made them so much fun to hang around in the first place.

Slot Player Tips

8 – Stay Compos Mentis

While at home or in a casino. Don’t drink too much and don;t take anything that might impair your judgment about the amount of money you are spending. This is an old tip, but one that is pretty vital to follow.

Slot Player Tips

7 – Trial Run

While you can’t play for free to get used to a machine in the casinos, you can bet small amounts on it until you know what the win lines are and what the features do. There is nothing worse than missing out on a big win because you didn’t know how to play it properly.

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Slot Player Tips

6 – Make it Social

Playing slots online or in the real world doesn’t have to be a single player experience. You can take a few friends with you to a casino to make it more fun or pick a slot machine game online that has a chat feature. You will spend a lot less while chatting and might even make some new friends!

Slot Player Tips

5 – Diversify

While all slot players have their favourite machine why not try playing a few spins on a different game or the same game on a different machine. But playing more games or using more machines you have a greater chance of at least one of them being on a winning streak.

Slot Player Tips

4 – Coupons, Offers, Free Spins

It’s not just online you get free spins and coupons to play slots with. You will often find great offers on Casino fliers or even on signs located outside the casino. So keep an eye out for them and use them all if you can.

Slot Player Tips

3 – Better Odds

Do keep an eye out for the odds of the machine you are about to play. In real world casinos, not all the slot machines will be fixed odds. Some might be a percentage based and these are great machines to play especially if someone has just lost a load on them.

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Slot Player Tips

2 – Aim Big

If you are going to play on fixed odds machines anyway why not play the one with the biggest progressive jackpot! That way if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot it might be a life changing amount.

Slot Player Tips

1 – Have Fun

This is THE most important tip while playing slots online or anywhere in the real world. When the fun stops, stop playing and if you are finding it hard to do just that get some help as you might becoming more addicted to them than you think.

Author: Gus Barge

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