Ten Pictures of Cats Swimming Because Some Cats Love to Swim!

I count myself lucky enough to have seen several Scottish wild cats. To see what looks like a fairly domestic cat hunt, play and swim is something that is a joy to watch. It is the swimming point that I thought we could take a look at today because while most of our domestic cats are not a fan of swimming or water in general, some are…



Top 10 Pictures of Cats Swimming
Cat Swimming

10 – Loves it!

This is Roy and while he does indeed swim with a safety coat on he really does love swimming! In fact, he can do whole lengths of the pool and is used to test various pet hydrotherapy treatment pools. Yes, he keeps fit and has a job!

Cat Swimming

9 – Swimming With The Turks

This cat is apparently a “Turkish Van” and they are well known as swimming cats. It is all down to their big paws and lightweight body frame apparently. But I would imagine that thick fur gets rather heavy when it gets wet, so it probably doesn’t swim very far.

Cat Swimming

8 – Rubber Ring Kitty

I am not 100% if this cat is enjoying it, or in need of a little help getting back to dry land. But I have seen several videos of cats swimming on youtube and this particular breed of cat does seem to naturally enjoy the water.

Cat Swimming

7 – In Too Deep

This doesn’t look like the clean pool water we see in most these images, this cat is in deep. But I have been reading up about cats swimming and apparently, Maine Coons have a waterproof coat! Let’s hope this guy has as well.

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Cat Swimming

6 – Eyes on the prize

This cat has one thing in sight and that is dry land. I would imagine that much like dogs cats can’t swim for that long so getting to dry land quickly is important even for a cat who loves to swim.

Cat Swimming

5 – White Shark

Looking over these images has got me thinking. Maybe the truth is that all cats can indeed swim but choose not to! After all lions and tigers aren’t taught to swim, but most of them can. Maybe it is the same even for our little house cats!

Cat Swimming

4 – Clear View Ahead

I would imagine that on several small Caribbean Islands there are people with pets cats, and I would also imagine that those cats soon learn to swim in order to catch fish to eat. But no matter what the reason for this amazing image I love it.

Cat Swimming

3 – Get Well Soon

This little-wet tabby cat is Mog and sadly he lost the use of his front two legs. But this is no swimming pool, it is a specially build hydrotherapy pool for dogs! But now and again a few cats do get to use it. Hopeful not both at the same time.

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Angry Cat Swimming

2 – Best Pleased

This is still one of my own personal all-time favourite images on the web. That face is pure hate and I would imagine most cats would feel the same way. Sadly despite trying for several hours, I couldn’t find out the cats name. But I still love it.

Prinny the swimming cat

1 – Rehabilitation

This is Prinny and she is not swimming for fun, she goes to a pool rehabilitation course that is normal for dogs, but bless her, she needs the exercise to make her bones and muscles stronger. The funny thing is that the only way she can swim is by doing the doggy paddle!

Author: Gus Barge

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