Top 10 Unusual Cat Scratching Posts (Cat Scratchers)

Cats have a natural urge to scratch and when that urge comes it is often the furniture they turn to first. So save your sofa from a clawing and get one of these amazing cat scratchers instead…



Cat Scratching Board Table
Cat Scratching Board Table

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Not all cat scratchers are useless for anything but scratching, this one is a multi-purpose piece of furniture!

Cat Scratching Cityscape

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Now your cat can pretend to eat and destroy the entire cityscape with this cardboard city just for him to tear down.

Cat Scratching Egyptian Obelisk

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I know the Egyptians loved their cats, but building an obelisk for they too scratch might have been taking things too far.

Cat Scratching Eye Of Sauron

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These are not for sale so you will need to make your own amazing Eye Of Sauron cat scratcher, but there is a good making guide for those that fancy a go.

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Cat Scratching Dog

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The real dog is not going to appreciate you getting this for the cat to scratch as it will only lead to practice sessions for the post and real claw workouts for him!

Cat Scratching Electric Guitar

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Is your cat a budding Lita Ford? Then what your musical puss needs his her very own guitar that she can scratch out the latest rifts on.

Cat Scratching Tree Stump

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Give them something a little more natural looking to sink their claws into with an indoor tree stump!

Cat Scratching DJ Deck

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Your cat is going to scratch anyway, so why not turn that natural instinct into a music making machine! Sadly it doesn’t really play music, but it would have been good if it did.

Cat Scratching Empire State Building

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Your cat can now be just like King Kong and scratch and claw away at this iconic building. If it’s good enough for giant gorillas it’s good enough for cats.

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Cat Scratching Laptop

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Do you often find your cat sat on your laptop? If you do why not get him one of his very own to sit on and scratch at his heart’s content.

Author: Gus Barge

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