Ten of the Very Best Pac-Man Gift Ideas Money Can Buy

Is it wrong to love your own blog posts? Well, I do, and now and again reading them back to myself before launching them motivates me into yet another top 10 in another direction! Today’s top 10 come about because I really enjoyed the Pac-Man lolly in the post “Top 10 Most Amazing Lollipops“, I wondered what the best things inspired by Pac-Man himself I could find, and what I found is well worth a look…



Pac-man Plush
Pac-man Plush

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Pacman has never looked so cool with this rather fun looking Pacman plush, for some reason seeing Pacman covered in fluff makes him look a hundred times cute!

Pac-Man Alarm Clock

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Do people even use alarm clocks anymore? Well, I know I just use the one on my phone, as I would imagine everyone else does. But that doesn’t mean this wouldn’t make a great gift for any nerd because it really would!

Pacman Pillow/Cushion

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Now I know this is a little on the expensive side, but this is not just a Pac-Man pillow, this has been handmade from super soft yellow and black stretch velvet! So not just a Pac-Man pillow, but most probably the very best there is.

Pacman Wall Clock

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I am sure most people don’t need a wall clock in their house, but that does not mean this wouldn’t look amazing in any room, and what a great price as well! Not a bad gift idea at all.

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Pacman Wall Mirror

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If there is one thing that looks good hung up on a wall it is a mirror, and this Pac-Man inspired one is sure to not only look great but make a great talking point as well.

Pacman Saucer Sled

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Why would you buy this rather worn and scratched Pac-Man inspired saucer snow sledge? Because this is a genuine 1980 Pac-Man product and a real collector’s item. All you would need to do is hang on to this for a few years and I am sure its value will rocket, and it looks cool as well.

Pacman Video Pinball Arcade Machine

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When it comes to owning an original Pac-Man arcade machine there are loads of sites you can get them off, but I like the rare, the unusual so for me, this very rare Pac-Man video pinball arcade machine from 1982 is as good as it gets. Although sadly a little too expensive for me to buy.

Pac-Man Stapler

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With some great use of the Pac-Man shape this stapler is sure to be the talk of the office and doesn’t cost the earth, so make fellow nerds day by getting this for them because if I love it (which I do) I am sure any nerd will.

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Pacman Oven Gloves

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Why has no-one made these before?!? These Pacman Oven its not only look amazing but also make great use of the Pac-Man shape making them perfect for grabbing those hot cooking trays. Pure genius I say.

Pac-man Soap

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To be honest, I have no idea why I love this Pac-Man soap on a rope more than anything else, but I just do, and as far as gift ideas go, you could give a fellow nerd a lot worse.

Author: Gus Barge

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