Ten Awkward Family Halloween Photos That Will Make You Cringe

Family photos tend to fall into one of two categories—sweet or awkward. With the potential for family dress-up fails, Halloween family pictures often fall into the latter category. I have gathered up some of my own personal favourites for you to enjoy and cringe at…


Awkward Family Halloween Photo
Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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We’re going to guess that their parents put them up to this. The duckling seems to be the only one who’s even remotely happy to even be in this picture.

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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One thing is clear, one of these family members really didn’t want to conform to society and has chosen to go his own way for Halloween.

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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For the record, these siblings are supposed to be a princess and a knight riding on horses. But it looks like their parents are not the best costume makers.

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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If the poor quality costumes were not enough there is also a little one that seems to have developed the ability to fly!

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Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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While the baby costume is precious, the parents dressing up as the same thing doesn’t go well at all. In fact, they made even the baby look creepy!

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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The little girl’s tutu is sweet, but mum is really going for it with her Bearded Lady costume! But I get the feeling that this is no costume at all. Just a circus family day out!

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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Sure it is nice to see this Disney-loving family showing a little dedication to the classic film. But none of them look like the are enjoying it that much.

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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I think that baby looking at someone is trying to tell them how awkward this feels to him. At least the little girl did her best.

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Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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This gem is from Halloween 1977, when DIY costumes reigned supreme. Believe it or not, the little girl is supposed to be a fairy, and her “wings” and “crown” were made from wire hangers. As far as her little brother, he needs serious help!

Awkward Family Halloween Photo

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If you couldn’t tell, this photo is from the ’80s, and the mother (in the polka-dot blue top) is proudly showing off terrible costume making skills. Not that I could do any better.

Author: Gus Barge

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