Ten Angry Wet Cats You Might Want to Hide From

You might think it will need a hand to keep clean now and again much like a dog does, but under normal circumstances, you never need to bathe your cats. The only exception to this rules is if the cat has got something poisonous on its fur or unusually dirty for some reason. There are loads of good reasons why you should never bath you cat, but here are just 10 of them…


Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry cat being held after a bath

10 – My, my grandma. What big ears and teeth you have!

If looks could kill this cat would probably be a serial killer already. I’m sure they’re being photographed by its owner is not helping matters at all. In fact, they are probably making things a whole lot worse.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry looking cat having a wash

9 – Wash a scrub puss

To maintain a face that says “I’m not amused” all through the bathing session must be a real struggle. Struggling not this cat seems to be doing a rather good job of it. I would definitely not want to put my hands in that sink!

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry cat after having a bath

8 – Home and to so dry

I would imagine even though cats hate being in the bath, they do rather enjoy the rub down afterwards! But it doesn’t seem to have calmed this rather angry looking cat down and I don’t think much will.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry cat getting cleaned

7 –”Put me down human and run!”

But only does this cat look rather angry, but it also looks like it’s seen a fair amount of scraps as well. Best to give this kitty a very wide berth once it is out the bath.

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Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry cat looking over the bath

6 – Here’s Johnny!

The scariest part about this image is not so much the angry looking cat hiding in the bath (although that is rather scary), but it is that single pole hanging over the bath that makes it look like some sort of 80s horror film. A very scary image indeed.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry looking, very wet cat

5 – Socked to the bone

I have no idea what has happened to this cat, but I can only imagine that it is in mid-bath when this photo was taken. The best bit about this image is the fact that the cats fringe covers its eyes making them look even more menacing than they already would.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry looking wet, white cat

4 – Things are definitely not all white here.

If this cat eyebrow frowned anymore it would practically have its eyes shut! But that is how angry this aggressive looking puss is. Not so much been bathed here, but more been left outside in the rain too long. And I get the feeling its owner will regret that.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry Cat wrapped in a orange towel

3 – “2 hours I was shouting at the door!!!”

Don’t think for a single second that a warm fluffy orange towel is going to make up for getting me angry looking puss wet. Not even a whole bag of luxury kitty nibbles is going to calm this cat down.

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Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry cat looking through a window

2 – “Let…me…in.”

I am almost sure that this is not a real photo at all. Maybe some from of really good digital art, or maybe just a manipulated photo. But something doesn’t seem quite right about it. But real or not, as far as angry wet cats go this is one of the very best images.

Top 10 Images of Angry Wet Cats
Angry looking cat who got wet

1 –”Put me down, or I will put YOU DOWN!”

Now I have been all over the Internet looking for images of cats that are wet, but in all my travels, and on all the websites I have looked at, I’ve never seen a single cat who is angrier than this one. It’s all just so aggressive from the dark staring eyes to the fangs that are clearly about to be used. This might well be the last cat you ever get to see before you lose your sight because scratching your eyes out is just the start to this very hateful looking animal.

Author: Gus Barge

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