Ten of the Most Amazing and Creative 404 Error Pages From Around the Web

Now and again we all mess up, even if it is just a little. You are not looking at the 404 Error page of this blog, but I thought I would show you the very best 404 error pages on the web anyway. Some are funny, some are creative, and some are the work of a genius…


Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
boredpanda.com Error Page

10 – Snack Time

I have personally seen some amazing error pages in my time spent on the web, so I know some of them are indeed good enough to eat! But this is going too far. “Bad Panda, bad! Drop it….”

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
kitkat.com Error Page

9 – Have a Break…in the website!

Using the basic 4 finger kit kat and sticking a “0” in the middle is a stroke of genius. Now only is the image its self very creative it also doubles up as a game of pong!

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
lego.com Error Page

8 – Unplugged

Simple, but yet deadly effective. This 404 image from the Logo website doesn’t stop the fun you get from being on the website! Use fans love it, the kids love it, it just ticks all the right boxes.

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
parkplacetexas.com Error Page

7 – We don’t need roads!

What better way for one of the world’s best car selling websites to redirect you than with this slightly nerdy one featuring a DeLorean! I am sure many a website designer would love to have you travel back in time, rather than you remembering seeing a 404 page.

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Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
denisechandler.com Error Page

6 – Under Dressed

This is a perfect example of how some people feel when they come across these 404 pages, Sometimes you just want out of them as quickly as possible.

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
catswhocode.com Error Page

5 – Call the Experts!

Cats are always happy to help, so when it comes to a 404 error they will be there with a web code to fix it. Or failing that, a funny image to make you smile and forget the fact that you are looking at an error.

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
huwshimi.com Error Page

4 – Fight!

It seems that over on huwshimi.com pesky ninjas have been stealing pages of information! But how long do I have to wait for the moon to have friends and someone to borrow the fox?!?

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
bluefountainmedia.com Error Page

3 – Wakka Wakka Wakka

Reach that 404 page? No problem! Why not stay and have a quick game of Pac-Man while you try to work out what move to make next, simple, fun and very clever indeed.

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Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
Various Sites Error Page

2 – The Legend of…oh my god!

This one is seen on not just one but several website all over the World. Why? Because the fact is there are very few nerd jokes that most people will actually understand. This is one of them.

Top 10 Most Amazing 404 Pages
bluedaniel.com Error Page

1 – Poster Perfect

You know a website is amazing when it is worth seeing the 404 error page alone! And for me, this is the best of the best. Animated, beautiful, creative and many other elements of genius. And being a massive fan of the TV show lost does help as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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