Ten Tips to Help You Celebrate Halloween 2020 During the Pandemic

Ten Tips to Help You Celebrate Halloween 2020 During the Pandemic

You might have noticed how people and indeed the big supermarkets are not going as crazy for Halloween in 2020 as they have previous years. That is of course because of the ongoing pandemic, but it doesn’t mean the Halloween fun has to stop, it just means we (especially parents) will need to do things a little differently and put a lot more thought and care into what you are doing, especially when knowing on random peoples doors…


Masks Under Masks

Just because you have that Warewolf mask on doesn’t mean you are protecting yourself or indeed anyone else. You will need to wear a surgical mask underneath that one just to be safe and while the person whose door you are knowing on will not know, it will be your responsibility to do so.

Consider Storing the Treats

While your little ones will not enjoy this tip, if you really are panicked by the pandemic you could always wipe down the treats you get or leave them to sit for 48 hours. I get that kids will want to eat them immediately, but being safe is far better than being sorry.

Scary Face Mask

Consider a Scary Face Mask

Instead of a spooky unsafe Halloween mask why not turn your own surgical facemask into something a little more appropriate for Halloween. You could colour it in, or even buy one that is a little scarier than the normal white ones (there are loads to choose from!). Or even dress up as a creepy doctor so you have to wear a face mask anyway!

Have a Spooky Party

Why not have a little Halloween party at home with yourself and a few close relatives. That way you will feel much safer and can still have a great time. Have candy hunts around the house, some nice music and of course a little bit of Halloween party food.

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No Contact

For those who want to still dish out the treats, but don’t want the risk, consider leaving a bowl of sweets and treats outside for the kids to pick from. That way you don’t need to have face to face contact with them, you can just see the joy on their face from the comfort (and safety) of your window.

No Randoms

I’m not talking about Rowntrees Randoms sweets, I am talking about the doors you will be knocking on. Consider keeping it a small list of close friends and family. That way you will feel much safer, especially if it is people you visit regularly anyway or at least know they are keeping themselves (and you) safe.

Squirt and Knock

If you still want to go out and knock on random people doors do try to at least stay as safe as you can by applying a little hand sanitiser before each ring of a doorbell or knock on the door. That same goes for the people whose door you are knocking on, they can wear a mask or at least sanitise the door (or doorbell) each time someone comes knocking.

2 Meters

2 Meters

Try to give people space, not only at the doors you will be knocking on, but also other trick-or-treaters. If everyone is wearing a mask (surgical one) things will not be so bad, but not everyone will so be aware of that. Give people room to pass, step away once you have knocked on the door and make sure you are only going around with someone from the same household.

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Have a Virtual Party

You can still get into that Halloween spirit by having a virtual party. Maybe give the little ones some money to get their own sweets via a Paypal or bank transfer, or just have a nice party, host it on zoom and let other family members or people join in the fun. Just because there is no knocking on doors doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. In fact, it can be more fun, especially for us parents as we can stay home, be safe and drink more wine!


Keep the classic Aretha Franklin song in your head and remember to respect people and their wishes. A lot of people are scared of this pandemic for a very good reason so they might not want people knocking on their door. Make sure the house you are knocking on looks inviting and shows clear signs they are celebrating the Halloween tradition. Look for signs in peoples windows or on their gates letting you know that they are self-isolating or just don’t want any contact.

If everyone does this we can all still have a great time, without spreading the pandemic or indeed putting more fear into people who are troubled by these very troubling times.

Author: Gus Barge

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