Ten Amazing Things You Can Make and Do With Old Toy Dinosaurs

Today I have been rearranging my son’s toy box. Cleaning it out and removing all the things he no longer plays with. One of the biggest things he got rid of was his toy Dinosaur collection (To be fair he never really liked them, but I got them because I did.) I don’t want to bin these toys as there is nothing wrong with them, so maybe I could copy one of these great ideas…

Top 10 Ways to Recycle Toy Dinosaurs
Toy dinosaur turned into a serving plate

10 – Serving plate

If you are planning on hosting a dinosaur themed party and fancy making it look that extra bit special, why not make this serving dish. It would make a great centrepiece and look over the making guide it doesn’t look too hard to do.

Toy dinosaur turned into Jar Toppers

9 – Jar Toppers

I am not really sure why you would want to make these, but I suppose they would make for a great craft make or gift. Quite simple to make there is some work involved to make them look perfect, but take your time and they could look as good as the ones in the image.

Toy dinosaur turned into a ring holder

8 – Ring Holder

This is probably one of the simplest ideas in this list, but still, something that will look great. Just Attach your long-necked dinosaur (like a Diplodocus), give it a quick re-spray and place the rings over its head. Simple indeed, but also kind of funny looking.

Toy dinosaur turned into a Zen terrarium garden

7 – Zen terrarium garden

If you don’t want to cut up the dinosaur toys to make most of the other items you see here, why not make a beautiful Zen garden for them to roam free in. It looks amazing and if you get the plants just right I would imagine it would look very authentic in a Jurassic Park-style as well.

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Toy dinosaur turned into Earrings

6 – Earrings

I am not so sure you want to try and make these yourself as you need to make sure it is hygienic to go into your ears. But as far as turning these toys into jewellery goes it looks great and makes a great gift idea as well.

Toy dinosaur turned into Christmas Ornaments

5 – Christmas Ornaments

If there is one thing my little boy loves doing more than anything it is hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and with this great idea it would be even more fun for him. They look great and very simple to make thanks to the making guide in the link.

Toy dinosaur turned into a succulent planter

4 – Succulent planter

Many people might have ranked this much higher up in the list, but not me because I really do hate most forms of gardening. Plus the fact that this is quite a complicated thing to make, but it does look amazing that is for sure. So if you have some green fingers why not give it a go.

Toy dinosaur turned into a Coat Rack

3 – Coat Rack

There are loads of great making guides to show you how to make these but this link goes to good old Etsy, home of the strange and unusual gift ideas

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Toy dinosaur turned into a toothbrush holder

2 – Toothbrush holder

While it is not one of the easiest things to make from these toys, it is still one of the best ideas I have ever come across. If you are having some issues making your child brush their teeth, this might be the answer to your prayers.

Toy dinosaur turned into bookends

1 – Bookends

What I liked most about this idea was that it is not only fairly simple, but would also make a great gift, or indeed craft sale item. Kids do still read books even if they are hand-me-downs from us parents. So what better way to keep them all together than between these.

Author: Gus Barge

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