Ten Animal Photobombs That All Went in Head First

We have all had a good laugh at the various animal photobomb images out there, but now and again the photobombing animal in question will be captured at just the right time as to make it look like the animals head is on the humans, a sort of half-cross breed. Let me show you what I mean…



Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Horses head photobomb

10 – Centaur

OK, so it might not be a real Centaur, but the timing of the photo sure does it make it look like one. The perfect part of this image is that the horses shed (From which its head is hanging over from) are rather dark which means it hides the rest of the body of the animal.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Giraffe head photobomb

9 – Giraffmaid

I have learned 2 things from this image. The first is that even big, tall Giraffes can photobomb with the best of them, and 2 that Giraffes heads are massive! I suppose because I have never seen one up close, let alone been photo bombed by them I never really thought about how big they were.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Meerkat head photobomb

8 – Meerox

This has to be one of the best photobomb images I have seen in a long time, but I am not 100% sure it is real., hence the reason I have not ranked it higher. But if it is, then it is probably the best timing of a Meerkat in the history of photobombing.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Chickens head photobomb

7 – Henmaid

While a small chicken or hen might not seem like it could make a good head replacement photobomb, this certainly proves otherwise. It is just a shame the woman’s hair didn’t match the chicken’s feathers better because that would have made it look even better.

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Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Jellyfish head photobomb

6 – Jellyman

Given the sheer number of jellyfish seen here, it is no wonder that one of them ended up photobombing this poor diver. It would have been much better if the jellyfish had eyes, though. Or maybe just darker spots in the right places.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Parrot head photobomb

5 – Kinnara

A Kinnara is said to be half man, half bird and that is what you get here. While not the perfect head photobomb I still loved it. Parrots are one of those pets that are more than happy to photobomb at any opportunity, and often with colourful language to say during it as well.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Dogs head photobomb

4 – Pugitor

Well, to be honest, I am not sure if it is a pug, but still a very funny photobomb none the less. Due to the dogs head being so close to the camera it really does look like the dogs head attached to a man’s body.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Dogs head photobomb

3 – The Dogfisher

I had this as my number 1 in the post “10 Perfectly Timed Images of Dogs” and it is still one of my favourite photobomb images With the girl’s hair perfectly matching the dogs it was only going to be a matter of time an image like this came up. Maybe she should think about dyeing it.

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Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Alpaca head photobomb

2 – Packtaur

Well, I would call a half human, half alpaca a Packtaur anyway. Their wool makes amazing slippers and coats, but as an animal Alpacas are often very inquisitive making them rather naughty as well. This is a well timed image indeed, and looks really weird as if the alpacas head is not attached to its body! Weird indeed, but a great photo.

Top 10 Funny Animal Head Photobombs
Fishies head photobomb

1 – Merman

Is a male mermaid a merman? Well, it sounds right to me, so we will go with that. Getting back to the image, if you have ever been to an aquarium you will know that fish dart back and forth all the time so the timing of this image is very lucky indeed, and very funny as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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