Ten of the Worlds Strangest and Most Unusual Flavours of Doritos

Last week we took a look at some rather odd and unusual flavours of crisps, but today I thought I would go a little deeper down the snack trail and look at one particular brand. Founded in 1964, I am of course talking about Doritos. And do you know who makes Doritos? Well it is owned by Pepsi, their name literally means “turned golden”, and here are some very weird dorito flavours…



Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Corn soup flavour Doritos

10 – Corn Soup

Well, let us start as strangely as we mean to go on with this corn soup flavour on that tasty branded corn snacks. I am pretty sure that these are going to taste not much more corn like that plain corn ones, but I would try these types of Doritos anyway.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Wasabi flavour Doritos

9 – Wasabi

When you start talking about weird Japanese flavours of snacks it is inevitable that wasabi will show up at least once so here it is. Sure it might be alright to taste provided you love Wasabi, but I don’t so I might give these Doritos recipes a miss.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Clam chowder flavour Doritos

8 – Clam chowder

I am not sure what exactly clam chowder is, but it looks kind of like fish soup. Out of all of this top 10, I think this is the one I would least like to try just because it sounds like something I would never order in a restaurant.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Roasted seaweed flavour Doritos

7 – Roasted seaweed

The problem I have with the thought of eating Seaweed flavoured things is that I think of the horrible seaweed I sea laying on the beach, when this is simply not like that at all, it is farmed and grown for its sweet taste. So maybe I should bite the bullet and try these anyway.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Anchovy and garlic flavour Doritos

6 – Anchovy and garlic

If the great taste of garlic fishes is what you have been after for a while, then your prayers have been answered with this “Luxury” flavour anchovy and garlic Doritos. I don’t really get why there is a pint of beer behind it all, maybe it is a serving suggestion.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Yoghurt flavour Doritos

5 – Yoghurt

It might not sound like something you should try and after watching a video review of the snack they do rate it quite high which makes me think it would be worth trying. They have tried Doritos recipes ground beef, taco salad, nachos, chicken and many many more. Brave soles indeed.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Butter flavour Doritos

4 – Butter

I do like the taste of butter that is for sure, but on toast or bread, not on my corn snacks and not exclusively as the flavour of them. But that is what these were are still are. Japan has some of the craziest flavours you will ever hear of that is for certain.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Bomb flavour Doritos

3 – Bomb

If you tell someone you are going home to make some dip for your bombs you are likely to get locked up, but this is in fact called “Roulette” flavour elsewhere in the world. Basically, some are plain old nacho cheese, while others (The Bombs) are insanely hot. Sounds like a great snack driven party game to me!

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Caramel Pasta flavour Doritos

2 – Caramel Pasta

If you love to come home and make yourself a delicious bowl of Caramel covered pasta then you are in luck because this flavour is made for you. Seriously, does anyone really do that? Well maybe in Japan it is all the rage, but from my own eyes, it is just wrong.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Doritos
Electric Anma flavour Doritos

1 – Electric Anma

For those of you looking at the packet and trying to work out what “Electric Anma” tastes like, it is all apparently part of an “Adult” line of snack flavours. The one on the left is “Black Pepper & Salt” and the one on the right is “Spicy Chili Taco Piriri”, while the flavours themselves might be the most unusual tasting (Even though the snacks themselves were black in colour), they are certainly the strangest pack of Doritos you are ever going to see.

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