Ten Amazing Office Desks Made From Recycled Things

Are you thinking of getting a new office desk? If you are you might want to hold off buying one and build your desk out of recycled things. But what can you possibly use to build an office desk that might have otherwise have been recycled or even thrown away? The answer is just about anything and here are ten examples of people who have repurposed and recycled various things and turned them into pretty great-looking office desks. But if you don’t have the skills to make one yourself you can always get some inspiration for a conference table, check this out.


An Office Desk Made From Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

There was always going to be someone who made an office desk from wooden pallets, but I think this is a great example and it looks quite modern and very useable.

An Office Desk Made From An Aircraft Wing

Aircraft Wing

OK, so not everyone is going to have an old aircraft wing laying around, just waiting to be used for something, but it does look cool and would make a pretty good talking point.

An Office Desk Made From A Ferrari


It doesn’t matter what ay you look at it, this will be one expensive office desk to make. You can get one from a crashed Ferrari (but that will cost you more than the part did) or you can buy the front part of a Ferrari and build the desk around it. Either way, you will pay!

An Office Desk Made From An Old Door

Old Door

Most people will have an old door hanging around in a shed or somewhere in the house, so why not use that old door to make an office desk! Sure, it has the dips in the panels, but it looks more than useable.

An Office Desk Made From Books


This one is located inside a library which is probably the perfect place for it. But if you do have a lot of old books that are no longer relevant maybe you could make one at home.

An Office Desk Made From Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels

While you still need a long bit of wood to place between those barrels I think it looks pretty good. I’m not sure where you would get two wine barrels from, but maybe you just drink a load of wine!

An Office Desk Made From a Piano


If you just so happen to have an old piano that has played its last tune you could use it to make a pretty nice looking desk. Maybe it could inspire you to tap the keys on your keyboard and make sweet work music.

An Office Desk Made From a Crib


What should you do once your little one moves from their babies bed (crib) into a single bed? You should turn their old crib into an office desk! There doesn’t look like a lot of clearance for the legs when sitting on the chair, but the shape is perfect.

An Office Desk Made From Pennies


I’m not sure how many pennies you will need to cover a whole desk, but I would imagine it will cost a lot less than getting a new desk from some furniture stores.

An Office Desk Made From Rubber Tyres


Making a desk from tyres doesn’t have to look cheap and nasty, it could be bright and colourful like this one. I’m not sure what sort of paint this person has used I do know it looks pretty great.

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Author: Gus Barge

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