Ten Amazing Garden Borders Made From Recycled Things

Do you want to make a small border between your lawn and your lovely new plants? Why not recycle something that would have ended up in a landfill! It seems to can use just about anything, but I have found ten of the very best things you can use to make a garden border and all of them make great use of things you might have otherwise thrown away…


A Garden Border Made From Glass Bottles
A Garden Border Made From Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

If you go through a lot of glass bottles in your house why not save them up to make this amazing garden border. The more colours you have, the better the border will look!

A Garden Border Made From Plates


This is a bit of a weird one, but good use of a lot of old plates if you just so happen to have them. The small plates coving the holes left by the larger plates is very clever.

A Garden Border Made From Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls

You might need a lot of bowling balls to make a garden border, but they are not going to roll away in a hurry and the different colours really bring something different to the garden.

A Garden Border Made From Seashells


I think the general rule of thumb here is the bigger the shells, the better this lawn edging will look. Personally, I would have gone with large Scallop shells as I prefer the look of them.

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A Garden Border Made From Flowerpots


There are a number of different ways in which you can use flowerpots to make garden edging, but this method of a snake line of them I think is the best one. They could be plastic or terracotta, whatever you want really. You could even paint them different colours to mix it up a bit.

A Garden Border Made From Logs


If you can cut large logs to shape it does look like they make a pretty good garden and I like the fact that the dirt on the inside of these ones are raised making it look even better.


A Garden Border Made From Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle Wheels

It would need to be the perfect length and you will also need a load of bicycle wheels to make this, but I do kind of like it. Just as long as you bury them deep so they don’t easily fall over.

A Garden Border Made From Wheel Trims

Wheel Trims

Are you sick of seeing a load of wheel trims laying in the road? Why not turn them into something amazing by using them as edging for your lawn! This simple border has to be a better use of them than going to landfill.

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A Garden Border Made From Tyres


There are a few different ways in which you can use tyres as a garden border, but I liked this one as they can also be filled and used as planters (see here for more like this one).

A Garden Border Made From Breeze Blocks

Breeze Blocks

And finally, we finish off this post with simple breezeblocks. They can be easy to lay down, simple to bend around corners and you can use the insides of them as little plant pots!

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Author: Gus Barge

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