Ten Amazing Jewellery Boxes Made From Recycled Things

While buying a new jewellery box is nice to make it really special you should try making one yourself. And if you can make it from recycled materials it will be even better! I have ten jewellery boxes that do just that and while some of them don’t come with making guide they should give you some inspiration to make your own…


A Jewellery Box Made From Cassette Tapes
A Jewellery Box Made From Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes

It’s not just jewellery boxes you can make with cassette tapes, there are lots of things you can make with them! But this is pretty neat and there is a necklace hanger built into the lid.

A Jewellery Box Made From a Monopoly Game Board

Monopoly Game Board

When you are done with the game because there are too many missing pieces why not use that old Monopoly game to make this rather fun looking jewellery box.

A Jewellery Box Made From Old Books

Old Books

I would imagine this is a lot harder to make than it looks, but with so many draws it could hold all the jewellery that you have and then some!

A Jewellery Box Made From Wooden Bottle Crates

Wooden Bottle Crates

Some people like this rustic look and others hate it. While I do love the look of this jewellery box I wouldn’t want to put anything too nice into it. I do like the cotton reels used as the drawer handles.

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A Jewellery Box Made From a Tin Lunch Box

Tin Lunch Box

This idea is so simple just about anyone could do it. Just grab yourself a tin lunch box, cut some pool noodles to shape and rest your earrings and things in the groves of the pool noodles!

A Jewellery Box Made From an Egg Box

Egg Box

As long as it is clean and you don’t mind decorating it a bit an egg box could be a great way to hold loose jewellery, especially earrings and studs inside each of the egg sections.

A Jewellery Box Made From a Toothpaste Box

Toothpaste Box

I really like the look of this and while you will need some craft skills to pull it off you can watch the video making guide and change things as you wish to match your own style.

A Jewellery Box Made From Wooden Sticks

Wooden Sticks

How many wooden sticks does it take to make a jewellery box? It looks like quite a lot, but it also doesn’t look that hard. Just as long as you get the shape of the box right.

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A Jewellery Box Made From a Cigar Box

Cigar Box

I’m not sure about the smell of cigars as they might be too strong for this, but give it a good clean and it might be OK. I do like the use of gravel in this box to prevent things from moving around too much.

A Jewellery Box Made From a Log


And we finish with something most of us could only dream of making. If you have the skills to pull this off then well done to you, but the good news is you can also buy them in the links below.

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Author: Gus Barge

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