Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees

Taking care of the trees is something we should all be worried about. They are some of the biggest living organisms on the planet and they give us oxygen and store carbon. While most trees can look a little samey there are a select few that are simply out of this world…



Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Pirangi Cashew Tree

10 – Maior cajueiro do mundo

It looks more like a giant growing puzzle than a tree, but that is what makes these Pirangi Cashew Trees so amazing, they grow upwards, outwards and sideways at any given time!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Dragon Tree

9 – Dracaena plant

This mushroom-shaped tree is not only unusual for its looks, but its sap is blood-red and is often used for medicine and dye for very expensive violins.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Monkey Puzzle Tree

8 – Araucaria araucana

Sadly the monkey puzzle tree is under threat in its native Chile, but UK gardeners also grow it. I’ve seen a few myself and they are very unusual and spiky indeed. But there was no monkey sat in it doing puzzles.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Pejibaye Palm Tree

7 – Bactris gasipaes

Here is a tree that you are not going to be climbing in a hurry. Those spikes are definitely not hugging friendly.

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Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
California Redwood

6 – Sequoia Sempervirens

There is no picture in the world that could possibly show you the scale of these record-breaking trees. The one you can see sticking out above the other giant Redwoods is 115.24m tall which is almost as tall as the London Eye!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Silk Cotton Tree

5 – Ceiba pentandra

It might be called the Java cotton or silk cotton tree, but this tree is anything but silky smooth. You might want to give this tree a miss while out tree hugging because of it’s thousands of nasty looking spikes. It reminds me of a giant rose.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

4 – Eucalyptus deglupta

It might look like some kind of art installation, but these trees have amazing rainbow coloured bark that changes colours as the years past. The older the tree, the more colourful it will be.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Baobab Tree

3 – Adansonia

You can spot a Baobab tree from far away thanks to its very unusual tall growth and mega thick trunks. The biggest as a 47-metre circumference!

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Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Juniper Tree

2 – Juniperus

In Spain, they call this the tree “El Arbol de la Sabina” which sounds like a magical name, but what makes it really magical its ability to change form to the direction of the wind. So when the wind blow from only 1 direction like the image above it only grows one way!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Trees
Jabuticabeira tree

1 – Plinia cauliflora

It might look like it has some kind of fungi infestation all over it, but those are massive berries that the locals often use to make juice and wine.

Author: Gus Barge

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