Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons

From yellow ones to green ones. I’ve tried all sorts of melons and until today would have considered myself a bit of a melon connoisseur! But taking a deeper look into the world of edible fruits they call melon it seems I haven’t tried even half of them! I have never tried any of this lot…



Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Bitter Melon

10 – Bitter

You will never guess what this edible fruit grew in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean tastes like? Well yes, it is as bitter as they come hence the name!

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Chinese Bottle Gourd Melon

9 – Chinese Bottle Gourd

These bottle-shaped melons are a common symbol of unity and are often given at weddings and some engagement parties! I love my melons, but no melon is worth getting married just to try.

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Breast Vine Melon

8 – Breast Vine

These might look rude and a little fake, but they really are shaped like that and 100% real! But there is a small trick played here, these vine growing melons normally grow downwards so these have been artificially made to grow flat and outwards. But the melon is totally real I promise! Now look away while I get a bra on those fruits.

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Tiger Melon

7 – Tiger

Despite having a very fragrant smell and an edible white, seedy flesh these melons are mostly grown for decoration purposes, very much like pumpkins!

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Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Pepino Melon

6 – Pepino

Also called the pear melon this fruit is yellow with a lovely purple streak running through it. Both sweet and juicy it is apparently one of the best tasting melons you will ever try!

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Papaya Melons

5 – Papaya

One of the few melons to grow on trees these are also one of the biggest fruits in the world! Botanically speaking they are a sort of berry, but the fruit resembles the melon more than any other kind of berry.

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Densuke Watermelon

4 – Densuke

This very rare Japanese black watermelon is cultivated exclusively in the small town of Hokkaido, Japan. It’s so rare that it often sells for thousands of pounds per fruit.

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Rich Sweetness Melon

3 – Rich Sweetness

This cute orange, fist-size melons from Russia are striped with golden yellow and one of only a few melons that are produced almost all year long!

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Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Mouse Melon Seeds

2 – Mouse

If you’re looking for the world’s smallest species of melon then say hello to the ickle mouse melon seed. The melon’s most common name in Spanish is “sandíita” (little watermelon) but the locals call them “Mouse Melon Seeds”

Top 10 Weird and Very Unusual Melons
Horned Melon

1 – Horned

If a dragon fruit and a star fruit had a baby this is probably what it would look like! Its fruit shell has horn-like spines hence the name. I made this my number 1 because of the sheer amount of health benefits this fruit has! In fact, it has so many you could eat one of these a day and throw away those A-Z nutrition tables!

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