Ten Amazing Pictures of Trees Covered in Something Weird and Wonderful

While on the daily dog walk today I stumbled across something kind of sad, but also strangely cool. It was a tree covered in empty cans of beer! They had sadly stripped each branch down and stuck a beer can on the end. While this was defacing the tree, it did look kind of cool. But I am not going to anger people by showing you all that, but I did manage to find 10 of something very similar, but still just as amazing…



Tree covered in red and white bracelets
Tree covered in red and white bracelets

10 – Brackets

Celebrated by Bulgarians this centuries-old tradition is called the day of Baba Marta. Everyone involved swaps the red and white bracelets and wish each other a “Happy Baba Marta” but when you see a stork you have to tie them to the nearest tree.

Tree covered in rubber

9 – Rubber

This strange-looking but also rather cool art installation By Ann Carrington must have taken ages, and it is basically a whole tree covered in recycled rubber inner tubes and tyres.

Tree covered in shoes

8 – Shoes

Most of you will probably remember my post “Top 10 Best Images of Shoes Tossing” and these shoe trees featured heavily in it and it is still a rather amazing thing to see in real life.

Tree covered in umbrellas

7 – Umbrellas

This rather cool art installation by Sam Spenser brings a smile to the face and consist of well over 40 yellow umbrellas. Sadly shortly after this image was taken most of them blew away in the strong winds. But it looked great for a while!

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Tree covered in coloured Eggs

6 – Easter Eggs

First seen in my post “Top 10 Best Easter Trees” these trees in Germany are used to celebrate Easter and I think they are nothing short of wonderful. Not only making all the local trees colourful, but also one of the World’s very best traditions.

Tree covered in bird boxes

5 – Bird Boxes

In a wonderful effort to reflect on the ecology and the biodiversity of the woodlands is an art company called “London Fieldworks” covered two trees in bespoke bird boxes! I wonder if the bigger bird boxes are ensuite?!?

Tree covered in knitting

4 – Crochet

Described as a “Tree Cozy” it is basically a crocheted covered tree. This handmade blanket representing femininity and comfort that people find in the park trees themselves.

Tree covered in coloured Paint

3 – Paint

Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is travelling the world painting trees blue (don’t worry it is water wash paint and the nest time it rains it will vanish) but he is doing it to highlight the important issue of deforestation.

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Tree covered in toys

2 – Plush Toys

After a single toy being stuck in a tree saves a little boy from serious injury the family make it a tradition to throw toys into the tree and it makes for some rather beautiful images

Tree covered in coins

1 –  Money

Having seen this tree myself, I can tell you that it really is just as amazing as it looks in these images. People have hammered coins into these fallen trees for years and are now at the point where it is a tradition to do so and the trees themselves are worth 100K plus!

Author: Gus Barge

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