Ten Amazing Things to Can Do With Tree Stumps You Need to See

Do you have an old tree stump in the garden? If you do you might want to check out these ten ideas for using them. Some do require a lot of work, but they are all amazing ideas that can turn any boring tree stump into something much more amazing…



Ten Amazing Things to Can Do With Tree Stumps You Need to See
Tree Stump Tree House

10 – Stump House

Using the existing tree stump as the base structure for the tree house means you don’t have so much work to do when building the tree house. So what if it is more a stump house than a tree one, it still looks cool!

Tree Stump Character

9 – Old Stumpy

With some old bicycle wheels, a wooden nose, and a wicker hat this tree stump suddenly comes to life, so why not get the little ones to decorate your stump with some simple facial features

Tree Stump Bird Bath

8 – Bath Time

For those of us, that really don’t want to do much to hide their tree stumps comes this simple idea that uses the top bowl part off an old bird stand. Just place the stand on the stump and it is job done. Sure you could try to sand it down to make it flat, but maybe just use some blue-tac!

Tree Stump Toilet

7 – Bath Time

If you really want to live in the woodlands you might need a few bathroom facilities. It’s not quite as strange as these toilets, but it is pretty odd.

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Elf House Tree Trunk

6 – Elf’s House

Without too much work needed is this idea to turn an old wooden stump into an elf house. Sadly you can’t go inside, but it still has an air of magic and wonderment about it. Just attach a door, room and you are done!

Tree Trunk Art

5 – Art

Temporarily covered in red felt, this art series called ‘The Sacred Realm of the Forest Elf’ was done by Finland artist Lea Turto. Given the forest full of green and brown colours, this red felt stands out very well indeed.

Tree-stump planter

4 – Planter

If that old tree you cut down still has a stump in a prominent place in the garden why not leave it there and turn the stump its self into a planter! It does require a fair bit of work but it seems worth it.

Tree Stump castle playhouse

3 – Playhouse

Made and designed by Ryan Meyer of The Wood Den in Crystal City is this stunning playhouse castle. With steps going around it, and a well on top it is just about as magical as any tree stump I have ever seen. Sure most of us are not going to have the skills to copy this, but it makes for some good eye candy.

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Table and Chairs Made From a Tree Stump

2 – Table and Chairs

All you need is some wooden stools to place around it, and then a round, flat piece of wood to be used as a table top and you too could have one of these amazing mushroom garden furniture sets. If you got kids this could be the best thing you would ever make (in their eyes anyway.)

Tree Stump Carvings

1 – Carvings

OK, so most of us are not going to be able to pull this off, but for those of you with a flair for art and a handy chainsaw, it might well be the perfect solution. Made by Mark Acton these amazing stump sculptures are well worth a look.

Author: Gus Barge

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