Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks

When I called this blog the Top 10 of Anything and Everything I really did want to feature just about anything and everything! And while we have seen a lot of very unusual things we have not seen them all. We just need to discover a lot more together including the kitchen sink…


Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks


Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Sink inside an aquarium

10 – Sink or Swim

Most of you will remember this from my post “Top 10 Unusual Aquariums” and it is still one of the most amazing sinks you will ever see. While some people wondered if the fish would be sucked away when you pull the plug out, it is in fact separate from the actual sinks workings.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Tadpole Style Sink

9 – Tadpole

Well I am calling this a tadpole, but it could well be a sperm. But keeping this post and indeed this entire blog family friendly I will stick to it being a tadpole. Or maybe it is something all together different like a river design or something.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Guitar Shaped Sink

8 – Guitar

I love this sink I really do, but why on earth would you make a custom designed sink of this calibre and leave it outside?!? Well maybe they have more sinks than they need. I think if Elvis was alive today he would have definitely have wanted one of these.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Enterprise Shaped Sink

7 – Enterprise

While I am not 100% convinced that it was intentionally made to look like the Space Ship Enterprise, it does look like it none the less so that makes me love it. You have to admit it does look a lot like it either way.

Wooden Rustic Sink by SDA Decoration
Wooden Rustic Sink by SDA Decoration

6 – Wooden Sink

Not only is this wooden rustic sink look amazing, but it is actually made from a single piece of wood as well. Being hand carved by SDA Decoration it probably cost more than my entire house! But then again, if you want true style people will talk about for years to come this is probably the one to go for.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Sink made from repurposed tyres

5 – Tyres

If you like the way people recycle tyres in my post “Top 10 Best Ways To Repurpose Tyres” then you are definitely going to love this idea. Even if the tyre sink wasn’t located in a garage it would still be amazing,  but what tops this idea off perfectly is that the taps are actually recycled petrol nozzles! This would properly be the perfect idea for someones man cave.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Sculptural Wooden Water Map Sink

4 – Water Map

Some of the best designer and custom made sinks in the world are always made from wood, so what makes this water map sink by Julia Kononenko so special? Well, it is that wooden map system this is said to resemble rivers channels carving through the land.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Wine Glass Shaped Sink

3 – Wine Glass

For those people who like a little bit of wine now and again this might well be the perfect sink for you. There is nothing to take away how amazing it looks, but it might be a little too small to do the washing up in. But then again if you can afford a designer sink, you can afford a dish washing machine.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Conch shell Sink

2 – Shell Sink

This conch style shell has been around the internet more times than grumpy cat. But to be fair to it, it’s still one of the best sink designs you are going to see. It looks clean, fresh, modern and really easy to find any jewellery that might fall off while washing your hands.

Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Sinks
Sink made from a geode

1 – Geode

You may find this hard to believe, but a sink made from a geode is actually not that unusual! But that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing. The only thing I would have the consent of his if you were washing your hands it has to be very careful at the shop crystals inside the basin, but boy what a talking point it would make that is for sure.

Which one did you like?

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